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Dislike's 2nd Grow - Auto Bubble/Auto NL - Colloidal Silver


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Strain# 1 : Female Seeds Auto Bubble [Mostly Indica]
Strain# 2 : Female Seeds Auto NL [Mostly Indica]
Stage : Started From Seed
Location : Indoor
Media : Organic Pro-Mix 50%, 25% Perlite, 25% Vermiculite
Container: 3 Gallon Air Pot, 1 Gallon Square Pot (For CS Plants)
Light: Mars II 400w
Temp: Currently ~80F
Watering: As Needed (Approx every 4-6 Days)
Ferts: General Organics Go Box

This is my second attempt at growing, This time it will be grown in the garage this time, so i will have elements to contend with, however it is fairly well insulated and have watch temps for almost a month and it has been right around 70-75F with temps ranging outside from 40-95F.

I do plan to CS Seed one of each of the plants. I will be using toker69's thread as a reference.

I started 2 of each of the Seeds,

Current status:
So far 3 have fully popped its shell and one is about to. Therefore 3/4 are planted. Of those, 2 have broke Soil.

First thoughts: The NL Seeds started out in 24 hours of Germ, and grew at a ridiculous rate the next day, i was not even ready for them to go in, so i had to get ready real fast.



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it's my current obligation to be in on all the colloidal silver grows. especially ones just starting out. I'll be around. snooping. going through your drawers and rifling through your innermost secrets.

ahem.. yeah so i think we're all referencing toker69s thread now lol also you're lucky with the temperatures you're getting, i overcooked my lighting rig somewhat and have heat to contend with.


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I'm in. I'm into my first grow now, I also had two Northern Lights (crossed with Big Bud) seeds. I just dropped them into soaked cubes, and one of my NL busted through the surface within 48hrs! very fast and eager girls they are. The other one happened just tonight, about 4 days


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Alright, as always im pulling up my lazy boy and sparkin a doob...! :rollit:

David Bowman

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