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Dispensaries Banned in Brentwood


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California voters approved Proposition 215 in 1996, making marijuana legal for medicinal purposes while possession of marijuana remains illegal under federal law. City code neither allows nor explicitly prevents the presence of such dispensaries in Brentwood. Just last year the city council approved a temporary ban pending investigation of negative impacts of facilities on neighborhoods and communities.

What the year long investigation proved was an increase in crime and illegal marijuana use and possession. The detailed search included over 14 months of consultations, surveys, and detailed research on the negative effects in connection to dispensaries. Armed robberies, violence, illegal sales and consumption are among the most prevalent negative effects reported.

The ordinance states, "Prohibiting medical marijuana dispensaries ... are necessary and appropriate to maintain and protect the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Brentwood." The ordinance would not ban health care facilities, residential care facilities, hospice, or state-licensed clinics. The new ordinance was passed quickly, with discussions and questions cut short. A second reading of the ordinance will be completed at a later meeting.

The permanent ban will go into effect 30 days following that second reading. Brentwood police have seen a rise in drug related crimes. A handful of growing operations in the past year alone have been shut down. Such businesses were proven to effect health, safety and welfare of communities in and around the area.

Source: Canyon News (Beverly Hills, CA)
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