Dispensaries No Longer Allowed In Ridgecrest

Jim Finnel

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Medicinal marijuana dispensaries will no longer be allowed in Ridgecrest, after a City Council vote banned such businesses in the community.

At its meeting Wednesday night, the council voted 5-0 to pass a proposed ordinance that would ban such business from operation in Ridgecrest.

The ordinance, which received its second reading at the meeting, states that "no medical marijuana dispensary shall be established or located or operated with the City of Ridgecrest."

The bill also states that anyone operating such a facility, even as a mobile vendor, is violating the ordinance. Violation of the new law is a misdemeanor.

The ordinance does not include residential care facilities, hospices, primary caregivers, or those persons possessing a legal marijuana use card.

While the public discussion on the marijuana issue has been lengthy and at times heated, no one from the public commented at the second reading of the proposed ordinance.

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Is there a reason why everything your posting as of late is posted twice? or is it some sort of mix up?

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
it gets posted for the news on the homepage. it is also posted in the medical news section. someone might not be interested in the news but interested in medical marijuana or vice versa. it has or was supposed to always be done this way, but i got behind. sorry if it causes confusion, but the doubles disappear quickly. i've noticed that a couple of articles that weren't commented on when they were in the news did get comments in the medical section. covering all the bases.

thanks for asking. i'm sure others wondered also.
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Ah, nah its not a big deal at all, was just wondering had never seen that happen before.
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