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Dispensary in Diamond Bar?


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One of the news articles I read, about the Claremont city council's vote, said that there is a dispensary open and operating in Diamond Bar. :hmmmm: Does anyone have any info, like the name and where it is???

"Only Diamond Bar has allowed one dispensary to operate in its city, and council members expressed interest in possibly following their model. Diamond Bar’s dispensary has been in operation for a little over a year and has not attracted any crime problems, said Nancy Fong, community development director of Diamond Bar. It is located in a commercial zone of the city, with no signs allowed, a security guard outside and operates between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. It also must be well lit at all times, and medicine is not permitted to be consumed or inhaled on site."

I'd like to check it out... :3:
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