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Disproving the myth, check out this interview!

This is an interview by a world class MMA Fighter. He is a top athlete.

In his last fight over 6 months ago he beat the #1 lightweight fighter in the world. He then tested positive for marijuana and had his win OVERTURNED! They suspended from his only source of income for 6 months and fined him.

CBS Sportsline has the amazing exclusive. The entire article is about marijuana in intensive sports.

BOXING - CBSSports.com

Check out this snippet:

I do triathlons. I've done f------ 112-mile bike rides and 26-mile runs all in the same event. You can do it high, it feels great loaded.
Q: Wait, you compete in triathlons when you're high?
ND: Hey, you know, it's not going to be a problem. If I was going to go and try to win first place and become the most competitive triathlete in the world then, maybe I wouldn't go out and try to compete high. But if you're just going on a big, long relaxing workout event day then yeah, do a triathlon as completely loaded as you can get because you're only going to be able to get high probably -- you get out of the car and next thing you know go up and transition. Everything is going to take an hour to set up your transition and you can get high during that time. So you can get high and then for about an hour set up your transition and then go do a triathlon and you're still going to be loaded. It's going to go about a couple hours into the event, I guess. But why not do a triathlon high?

What's funny is he says if he was trying to get first place he might not get high. What he doesn't mention, is in the triathalon he got 1st place for his age division. LOL


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funny. I used to use "jogging" as an excuse to go out and get high. I remember sitting up in the high school baseball dugout smoking some really expanding black afghani hash...coughing my lungs out, but then I'd go jog about 10 miles. Not just jog, but it would be like an off-road course through some local hills, going up side hills and doing jump-turns like I was skiing on the way down...jumping at the top of little rises - getting air- having a great time! But jogging "straight"...um, no thank you!


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Try lifting weights when your high, it don't work very well at least not for me.
I truely enjoy shopping when I am high, thats the closest I would come to a triathelong. Smoke weed, drive to store or mall, shop then wind down with a relaxing dinner.

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I played sport at the international level for over 5 years as captain of my country's National Team. Using cannabis is not an enhancer in sport. It upsets your timing and co-ordination.
Sure enough for mindless endurance sports, but for serious competition, cannabis sucks. After the event though, no wuckin furries!!

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Playing hockey stoned is great.

I've played ice hockey since I was five. I love hittin' the herb before I skate.

I'm in pretty good shape, too. The grass hasn't really seemed to hinder me at all.

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Hell, I imagine a triathalon would be boring otherwise. It is just 1 constant motion for extended period of times. Weed probably keeps the aches away too.

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I would love to smoke weed before I went reef diving. That would be surreal. The bouyancy, the colours, the motion of the waves. I plan to do just that when I am next up at the Great Barrier Reef (the biggest living organism on the planet).

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/\ don't go getting yourself munched on by a shark. we like having you around here moose :cool:
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