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Dissolve & End The DEA


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:welcome::welcome: Welcome All, Would I have any backing within this community to start a write in or phone in initiative to contact your own Congressman or Woman explaining to them that in this day and age that the DEA has financially out-lived there usefulness ???? Just take your time and think how much MONEY would be saved if we were to eliminate this greedy so called public safety force. They are of no economic value to our country or economy but are rather a huge liability and drain on the system that keeps them in power. Does the average working American really care about the little farmer growing marijuana in the deserts of Afghanistan or in the jungles of South America??? There are more pressing needs here at home than to waste money telling another country how to police there own people. Many countries have this agriculture ingrained in there history ,and don't want to be forced into changing because there is a American Agency forcing there government's to make them. What GOD gave us the right to tell other countries how to govern themselves???? The time has come to speak up and be heard!!! We need to keep this wasted money in our own economy within our own borders and make it work for all the people not just a select few. Does anyone feel the same way???? With enough pressure put on our representatives CHANGE CAN BE MADE, but we all have to get off our asses and SPEAK UP!!! Thanks, RD :peace::peace::peace:

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re: Dissolve & End The DEA

"but we all have to get off our asses and SPEAK UP!!! "

Thats right dude, the hardest thing I find with being active in the cause is actually getting people to care enough about more than something much much bigger than themselves and the small little box of their every day lives.

What blows my mind the most, is if you ask a fellow smoker if they would like to see mj legalized they all say hell yea man!!! But if the next question you ask them is would you like to get involved in the movement they all just change their attitude to; uh, well, um I don't know, I...(insert excuse)

It's exactly this stubbern ass lazy attitude that just burns me up!

Here is what I like to tell them when they start that crap; Ok, but if you wind up in prison one day, you'll be sitting in your cell on day thinking back on this day and saying to your self, I sure wish I had at least tried to make a difference before this happened to me!!!

You know what? that's too late! :helpsmilie::2:


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re: Dissolve & End The DEA

I had the same thought last night while out for my evening walk. In my view, we should dissolve the DEA, legalize all drugs, and form the Federal Drugs Regulatory Commission (FDRC). All of the people currently working at DEA get retrained so that they can become part of the federal agency that regulates former illicit drugs. The so-called black market would dry up.

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