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Distillation is how Cannabinoids have been isolated since the 1940s. Delata-9-THC can be created simply via Isomerization, but if you want to Isolate another Cannabinoid, the best way is through Distillation.

Distillates are made simply by heating up an extract, such as the extract made by the process explained in that link; but without the Sulfuric Acid step. And you find the Boiling Point of the Cannabinoid that you want, so that you can separate it from the others. This is called "Fractal Distillation", and the best way to do it is through Short Path Distillation.

The most common Distillate is THCa, but some Chemists have been creating other Isolates. Kava contains Yangonin, which is an Unscheduled Cannabinoid, and no one is Isolating it. But an example of a Chemist who recently (the other day) Isolated some Kava Alkaloids, is Robert.August on Instagram.

All serious dispensaries should have a Chemist like him.

Caryophyllene is another molecule that hits a Cannabinoid receptor, but only CB2, so it can be used to boost your immune system and cause munchies, but does not have Psychoactive Effects. It has been approved by the FDA as a food additive, and can be obtained from a plant called Uziza from Nigeria, which is closely related to Pepper (as is Kava). The Seeds (the Pepper Corns) are sold online, and mainly the leaves are sold online, but the plant is not widespread and can only really be found in Nigeria.
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