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3 in 1 DIY Hydro/Clone/DWC

Things Youll Need. Home Depot has everything. Just get the air pump from Petco

1. Which ever size tote you'd like to use. In this I used a 3 gallon for people who is minimized with space.
2. 1/2 inch Flexible black tubing about 3feet. (just incase you cut wrong you wont have to run back to the store)
3. Scissors
4. 3x T valves 1/2 inch
5. Simple box cutter
6. Air pump w/ black hose to fit air pump. There cheaper at Petco $15 & $3 for hose
7. Air stones also at Petco $1.50
8. Water pump $30
9. Styrofoam or you can just purchase the cloning disc from a hydro store
10. 2x 3inch net basket
11.Hydro-Atomizing Spray Jets & Fittings. Also available at your hydro store (optional but I do suggest these)

Now I have already put mine together before I figured ill do a tutorial on this but I figured someone else might like it instead of buying or having 3 different machines when you can just use 1. How easy is that!?
So like I said I already had put mine together before I thought about sharing so bare with me on the pics I had to offer.

3 Gallon tote

Lets get the easy stuff out the way, Simply take your box cutter and cut a slit on the side of the tote. Make sure its high enough that it will be above the water limit/line. Put your cords threw (air pump/water pump). Air stones should be at the bottom glued down or you can use the water pump to hold them down. As shown in the picture

Make sure you sit your air pump on top of something high so that there wont be no backing of water running up the tube and messing up the air pump.

Next take about a half of foot hose and cut 4 wholes along the tubing using a box cutter. Lay your tubing on a good surface then flatten the tubing on the side your planning to cut and make a half of circle cut at the edge. Do this 4x around both tubing.

Next cut 3 pieces of tubing 1/2 inch. Then get your T valves and tubing put them together like so in the next pictures

Now to add the sprayers. I havent done so because the store ran out of them but the holes that you cut in your 1/2 foot tubing, Add the sprayers so that the pressure wont knock your medium out the net pots in to the solution. But I also suggest using "Croutons" I think there better than using clay rock and coco coir. As you can see in certain pictures theres coco coir in the system which can clog up the tubing. Plus its organic.

After that is done take the top of the tote and simply cut out the right size holes to fit the net baskets in. I flip the baskets over so that the top is face down on the tote top and traced around the net basket with a marker. Then I made an inside circle, which was about a cm inside. So if you have a 3 inch net pot, the insides diameter of that is about 2 and a 3quarter. Using your box knife cut the inside diameter out.

As you can see, Croutons are better to use in hydro, it wont clog nor back up your hoses connected to your pump.

CLONING -As for the disc to use for your clones they should just fit right on top of the cuttings you made for the net baskets. And if not just take Styrofoam and cut the size you need then cut a slit from the middle of the circle to the edge so your able to slip your clone stem right in there.

DWC its pretty simple. Flood your reservoir so that the net baskets are submerged in your solution. This is great just in case the pump or tubes get clogged some how. So bout time you find the problem your plants wont suffer.

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