DIY 8x plant 67gal RDWC system

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What's up everybody.

Wanted to share the RDWC system I'm just finishing building.

I'm using 2" PVC to connect 8x 5gal buckets. I used the X style, rather than under-current style. Basically, this is just because this configuration uses the least amount of Uniseal's, which end up being the most expensive (and prone to failure) part of the build.

I have an EcoPlus 1056gph pump sending fresh nutrient solution to the buckets through 1/2" pipe.

Here's a good view of the configuration of my system

Here's how the system looks today, with all 8 buckets almost finished.

I water tested the system and found one bucket was leaking, which sucks.

I rebuilt the leaky bucket, but now I have to wait 4 days for the sealant I used (3M 5200) to cure. Sucks because it just set my grow back by probably a week.

I'm thinking this probably isn't the best way to be sealing things. How do you guys seal your through-container fittings?


Thanks for looking. If anyone has any questions abut my build, feel free to ask.
Nice build!
I only have one question/concern...
If 1 or more of the 2" pvc returns gets clogged with roots which commonly happens, then that individual bucket(s) will over flow correct? Which will require you to be a lot more attentive to RDWC system. Just something to think about


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I have a 2 5 gallon bucket setup with a 15 gallon reservoir. My return line is 3/4 tubing with a 1/4 feed line. My buckets would always get about halfway up the net pots no matter what speed I set my pump on. Come to find out with this cleaning I put a strainer on the ebb and flow in the return of the reservoir and it got clogged with gunk. never thought to pay attention to that till i seen small streams spewing out when emptying the tank. Took that screen off as it isnt needed and now the buckets stay about an inch and a half below the pots

I am really learning a lot with this first grow. I dont expect a huge yield. Just to learn and then apply to next time. That seems to be a really clean setup and clogging of those lines should be minimal. I would add a screen of some sorts though to keep the roots out as kreaton mentioned.
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Finished sealing everything. Looks like no leaks so far.... fingers crossed

You are right Kreaton, clogging is definitely something I need to worry about. My hope is that the 2" pipe is large enough that it would need a serious chunk of root to clog. I don't think any RDWC is immune to the threat of overflow from clogging.

I have learned a lot in building this system. The next one I build will definitely have more precautions taken against clogging (and square buckets!)

For the record, I build my buckets so that the pipe extends almost all the way across. Mainly this was done so that water would flow diagonally through the bucket. But, I am hoping that since the gap between the pipe and bucket is less than 2", it will prevent anything larger than the diameter of the pipe from entering.

Just need to finish the feed lines now and I'll be ready to grow! :cheer:
Nice Tidy build. TBH i wouldnt worry about anyting clogging 2" pipes, if they start creeping down the pipes just pull them out, once they ball up its good, but ive never had any issues with 2" returns on my system.

I runs 4 x 86 L totes, 1 being the res, with 2 x 2" pipes either side of each tote, recirculating with spray bars and air stones. If your worried about clogging, run more 2" fitting's on opposite sides of the buckets back to the sides of your res, youll have more even flow at the expense of a couple more Elbows, Tee's and sealant. But honestly i think youll be sweet as long as you get the root mass to ball up and not trail the pipes :thumb: