DIY Carbon Scrubber


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Thought I would upload some pics of a simple carbon scrubber.
Parts Needed:
5 gallon bucket
1' X 6" chimney pipe
30 to 40 lbs of activated carbon
6' inline fan
Take lid and drill 6" hole in center
Drill numerous 1/8" holes in lid.
Put pantyhose on end of 6" pipe
Put pipe in bucket
Fill with activated carbon
Install lid
Put 6" fan on end.
I have the fan set so that it blows the dirty air into the carbon.



Thats all there is to my carbon scrubber other than attaching the 6" inline fan to the black pipe. I just sit it in the room that I pump all my dirty hot air into and allow it to just keep recycling the air in that room. Its a very simple system and easy to change carbon when needed. Have used it for 2 grows so far and still working great.
how well does this thing work if its in the grow room?? will it get the smell out almost 100%?? what if you make two or three of em and put them in the room?
On my system I have an 8' X 8' flower room. I pump all the air out of that room in to another 8' X 8' room which is where I have the carbon scrubber. I just have it sitting on the floor with the 6" fan connected to it. It just continuously recycles the air in that room and cleans it.
The panty hose slides on to the end of the 6' black pipe to keep the carbon from gettimg into the fan motor. It sucks air from the room and blows into the 5 gallon bucket full of carbon and comes out the small holes drilled in the lid.
I hope i"m explaining this good enough.
Not that I don't "believe" in superstion and I'm not much one for taking shortcuts but I would probably NOT wear the pantyhose myself. :peace:
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