DIY Carbon Scrubber


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the best thing about this one is that the carbon can only really fall further down to where it needs to be


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Loving this thread. Been looking into ideas for my srubber because smell can be an issue for me if it is strong and I happen to have family over.

Thanks for the ideas and info everyone!


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Scrubbers are cheap and easy to build. And there are all kinds of different designs you can use to suit your growing enviorment. I like mine because its so portable. Just put it on the floor in the room your odorizing and turn it on.

Shady Smoka

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As far as worrying about resistance from the little holes in the lid...just don't put a lid on. It'll prolly cut like 3/4 of the build time off.


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I believe activated charcoal has been heated to higher temp than charcoal to completely purify it.
I bought mine at the local hydro store but you can find better prices on ebay.

Activated Charcoal = activated carbon. Activated refers to the fact that the charcoal is crushed into a finer powder. The finer the more activated it becomes because more surface area is available for organic compounded to be bound chemically to the open surface area. As far as purchase, if you want the best, try chemical suppliers for labs. Or ask local universities where they purchase from and try that. Grow shop over charge for every thing IMHO.
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