DIY DWC cloner


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Hey guys!! Welcome to my DIY DWC guide.
First off, I have not had a chance to test this, as I am on my first grow and they are still in paper towels. :(

Anyhow, thought i would share what I built today after getting bored and making a walmart/dollar store run.

First- what I used:
1. Small plastic tin- 1$
2. Suction cups - 1$
3. Duct tape + Box cutter/scissors - already had
4. Air pump- 10$ Wally world
5. Air Stones- 2$ EA Wally World
6. Tubing - 2$ Wally world
7. 1 1/2 PVC - Already had (should be really cheap, I only had a small amount or I would have made the sections taller.)
8. Something to cut PVC

Now, the steps.
1. Trace the PVC for as many holes as you would like on the lid of the tub.
2. Start cutting them out.

3. Now tape/spray paint the outside to make it light proof. Let dry if painted.
(I happen to have some rustoleum black paint so that is what I used)
4. Cut holes high on the side for your air tubes. I needed two per I bought a dual output pump.

5. Run your hose through the box and hook up to your Air stones.
6. Secure your air stones inside the box with suction cups.

7. Add water, lid, and PVC holders.
8. Profit!

Well hope you guys enjoyed! This ran me under 20 bucks. I will post any information the second I get to use it. :thumb:

Take care guys!


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looks good bro. Im building mine tomorrow, I was gonna purchase one but since I have a bunch of extra parts might as well do it my self.
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