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diy grow room help


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Hello all I'm about to build my first grow room I have about a 12 by 12 space that I intend on setting up I work out of town doing a ten and 4 day rotation I've done some basic grows of tomatoes before but nothing of this scaLe. I've got a few questions I have yet to really find on the automation part. I'll start with saying I'm thinking I'll use an arduino watering system that I can set to water when dry every 3 hrs is this watering to frequent germination starts this weekend I will do a test run of 10 plants of white window. I have lighting which is automated and in line carbon fans is there a better system for odor control? Does anyone know how to set up an automated fire extinguisher? I have to talk to Mt technician as he may have ideas but I thought I'd throw that one your guys way. So lighting I know irrigation I think I've got venting and fans I think I've got is there anything that I have forgotten I may have just failed to post it I'm renovating the room tgis weekend so all the info I can get helps first I'll be building a tent I have 3500 to play with and I want to get this right the first time and I don't want to order a tent online


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You could build a nice room with panda film 2*4s and some sxrews and staples... Get double sided zipper so you can make a door. I'd plan to have metal ducting vents mounted to 2*4s easiernto attach panda film to metal ducting than run ducting through the film and keep it light tight.

What grow medium?
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