DIY How to Make Your Own Colloidal Silver for Feminized Seed Production

ok im gonna walk you thru my method of making colloidal silver that can be used for many purposes including making feminized seed from virtually any female cannabis plant, i have been making CS for many years after getting frustrated with the relatively high cost of a small amount that goes really quickly,,with this info you can create many gallons of CS for the cost of just 1 bottle of CS from perhaps ebay, and you may even have all the items laying around home!
or from radio shack
ok heres the list of "ingredients"
a small project box (optional)
3 9-volt batteries
3 9 volt connectors harvested from old gadgets,or from radio shack
1 bamboo skewer (or similar item)
2-4 insulated alligator clips
a foot or so of heavy speaker wire
matching plug and receptacle
6-8 inches pure 99% silver jewelers wire or 2 troy oz 99.99% silver
distilled water
a light proof glass jar, masons quart jars work well
ok there are 2 different ways to make this device with 9-volt batteries
the method i have pictured and another (even more simple) i will explain as i go, i use this one because i have it
heres a pic of the CS maker

and a pic of the guts

i built this box this way because i had the stuff to do it but it does not need to be this detailed
it is possible to just plug the 3 9volts into each other one on top pointed down and the other 2 connected to it, and taped tightly together with electrical tape,due to the standard 9volt connectors fitting into each other
* never short circuit only 2 9volts together as they will likely explode* but if you connect 3 in a chain you just get 27 volts same as they are wired in my box ,
if done this way you dont need the box,and plug/plug receptacle, just an alligator clip on each end of the wire 4 total and connect to the 2 remaining
exposed 9-volt terminals to the 2 silver wires or troy ozs
if you use troy oz you will need to drill a small hole in the corner of each one to accommodate suspending them in the water with the skewer

on another side note i happen to have a laboratory type power supply that adjusts the output from 0-50 volts and 0-2 amps DC and it also can make CS,

once you decide how involved you want to get with the power supply
you will need to boil the distilled water and put it in your lightproof jar
i wrapped aluminum foil around my jar,and then again with clear packing tape, light destroys CS
i fill the jar with cold distilled water then into a pot to boil ,the reasn for this step is to only boil the exact amount of water i need
after your jar is filled with boiling water *run hot tap water over only the outside of your jar to warm it up and avoid it shattering from the boiling water being poured in*
then suspend your pure silver over and about an inch or several inches into the distilled boiled water do not allow the silver pieces to touch each other or the sides of the jar connect the power supply
then wait if you have a ppm meter you can check every half hour till the desired ppm is reached in my case it took 2 hours to reach 60 ppm, (my batteries needed replacing and my water had cooled off alot before hand
normally it only takes 30-45 min to reach 50-60-ppm





you can also make it better and more stable if you happen to have an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner ,also commonly used for cleaning tattoo equipment, and dental tools, a small one can be had for 20-50 dollars from ebay, but it is not necessary if you will use all you make within a couple weeks to a month or even longer, if i didnt put it in the ultrasonic i just shake the living hell out of it and use it i dont feel it goes bad, just the silver particles tend to clump and settle on the glass
ok thats about it for now if you have further questions feel free to ask and i will do my best to answer
enjoy your CS for pennies on the dollar vs store bought
and have fun making those fem seeds
Great post BID Thanks a bunch! +Reps to you:high-five:

One quick question about the wiring....I didn't quite understand the part about one battery being on top pointing down with the other two connecting to it....couuld you describe exactly how they're wired, as in from what terminal to the next terminal? Thanks in advance...
Oh yeah man that makes total sense now! Thank you for going to all the trouble of drawing that up for me!! It just looks different in your picture, the batteries look as though they're all side by side, but I figure you just use the wires to make the same electrical pathway right?
Anyway thanks again this is great!


When I have a bit more time (short on it today - at work), I'm gonna check out yer grow AND add a link in MY signature to this info!!!

:bravo:GREAT JOB Irish!!!:thumb:
Excellent. Hey I ordered some that was 240 PPM from amazon. Same brand that worked for Granny. I am planning on just diluteing it down to 50 PPM with distilled water.....have you tried this? Should work would ya think?

i posted a lil' info on grannys journal for you,you should be ok if you dilute to 60 or so in very small amounts, unless you have an ultrasonic cleaning machine for jewelry/equipment etc, then you could do the whole thing the problem is diluting it can destabilize the original solution if it sits very long at all (couple hours) the silver can fall out of suspension and coagulate on the bottom and sides i have seen undiluted colloidal silver do this if i dont blast it in an ultrasonic this stuff is electrical! so in my theory if it can ground out and re solidify it will, i hope this helps and thanks for the question:thumb:
i wanted to add that results can and will vary there are many variables that can affect the time it takes to reach the desired ppm, i do not have the same results every time,and i doubt you will unless you take great care in the setup and preparation,but im sure with a little patience your results will be satisfactory im also including some new pictures of the ultra sonic cleaner i use to finish my cs, this step is optional but if you have one i recommend it, it helps the silver particles to stay in suspension and breaks them down to a very fine size
hey bud i went ahead and made a diagram of what i am talking about, i kinda knew what i was describing was confusing this should help

It all made perfect sense but after seeing the pics I said "I can do this" LOL

+Reps Big Time!! this is great :welldone:
WOW I can't believe this!!! my dad used to drink this stuff, and he had a machine like the one you made for making it!!! damn it I think I threw away all that stuff!!!
man those super sonics come in handy for ALOT of stuff...
yup yup they sure do, cleaning is just the start!! thanks bro!!:high-five:
It all made perfect sense but after seeing the pics I said "I can do this" LOL

+Reps Big Time!! this is great :welldone:

WOW I can't believe this!!! my dad used to drink this stuff, and he had a machine like the one you made for making it!!! damn it I think I threw away all that stuff!!!
colliodal silver is good for many things, i spray it on cuts, burns etc, as a mouth rinse, for a bad tooth infection, for me it healed it faster than the docs antibiotics and i dont suffer the usual invasion of "yeast ' based infections like athletes foot ,thrush, and toe /fingernail fungus im prone to after running a course of antibiotics, and yes i do drink small amounts daily when i have any kind of infections, for me it works great, and i can get feminized seed from my cannabis plants! woo hoo 3 cheers for good ol silver water:cheer::cheer::cheer:
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