DIY Inline Dehumidifier


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Hello fellow growers,

In an attempt to lower humidity during vent off/CO2 spraying I built this inline dehumidifier which got coupled with another smaller inline vent I had lying around, circulating the air in the tent.
The design is pretty straight forward, I used a 6Amp peltier element with two passive coolers. Construction pictures speak for themselves:

Although it does cool and produce water its not enough for my humidity levels. A possible solution is to use a more powerful peltier. Has anyone tried this type of dehumidifier ?
Its a good design for a closed space that sees little action , like a spare room etc

When the humidity is actively increasing like it does in grow tents its best to carbon scrub and vent

IF you want to keep the heat from the lights energy or the room warmth and not vent the ONLY option is use a conventional dehumidifier ( or could $ buy a heat exchange)

The nice thing about using a dehumidifier for this purpose is it makes heat while removing moisture , a double pay off in this case.

They are actually a mini heat pump although a rudimentary one.

I have used a dehumid for over 10 years *its the secret to my low winter heating bills*

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