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This thread is for those of you who bought a High powered led lamp and are producing too much heat for your grow tent or closet, now I can't take full credit for this idea but I did make it my own way

I'm currently running a marshydro 192x5 in a 3x4x8 closet with a 4inch vortex fan exhausting the room at 100% power
I live in so cal where ambient temps can easily climb to 105 in the summer, right now ambient temp is about 75-80degrees the first time I turned the room on ambient temp was 74 I set the light to bloom the hottest setting, and the exhaust fan on full power
The temp in the room shot up to 92 =18 degree difference
I knew this would be deadly in the summer and decided to get a handle on it now

The idea behind it is much like a cool tube for an HPS light and is made from two sheets of styrofoam insulation wrapped in gorilla tape pieced together to encase the light and it's hot exhausted air

Here you can see how the intake comes in from the right side then down through the light out the sides the the exhaust fan pulls the air out of the box to the left up and out of the room

Upside down view of the Top of the light box with a hole to trap the cold passive air intake and the circular hole for the exhaust

I made the box 2 inches bigger all the way around to create a Chanel on each side and around back


You can see the bottom piece I added to seal the Chanels off

The room exhaust pulls through the long opening in this picture and you can see the Chanel for the lights hot air in the far side of the picture


Underside showing the bottom piece in place half the intake pulls through the large opening to evacuate the room the other pulls air from the Chanels around the light


There is a small intake fan about 50cfm pulling from the adjoining room that is ducted to the top of the light and feeds the two small intake fans on top of the light by passive air movement so I'm not fighting fans

Airflow = wall vent>ducting>inline fan>ducting> light intake>over the heat sinks> out the side of the light as hot air into the grow area

This box basically traps the air coming out of the side of the lights all the way around and channels it to my room exhaust which is mounted through the top of the box

Before I built this temps were a good 14-15 degrees hotter than the room that the closet is in
Now that I have this box built I have seen a dramatic decrease in temperature
This picture was taken last night with lights on you can see ambient temperature in the adjoining room is 74(same as the first trial temperature but the temps inside the room are a mere 4 degrees warmer than ambient


I really wish I would have taken a picture of the first set of temperatures so no one thinks I was exaggerating numbers.. This thing really works and I built it for under 50 bucks


Styrofoam insulation 11 dollars for 2 sheets
Gorilla tape extra wide 30 bucks for two rolls

Having 420 watts of LED lighting only running 4 degrees hotter than ambient temperature...


Thanks for reading guys, let me know what you think leave questions/comments/ improvements or just some good vibes! Peace.


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Whole room getting acclimated.. Last night was the first set of numbers.. I will check again tonight when I get home and report back... Picking up some clones on the way home :)


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So in veg mode the light runs significantly cooler I just got some clones on the way home last night and this morning when I woke up temps were perfect! Little on the cold side.. But I'm not about to pull out a heater lol

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