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DIY Lighting and System


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I have not grown in 2 years but am starting again now. I thought I would post my past experiences and plans for the future. I was hoping some of you could give some feedback. I have boiled it down to a few questions at the end so feel free to skip to them if you like.
I started growing with bunk seeds over 5 years ago. I had a very crude set up in a spare bedroom.
I ran 6, 40 watt, Fluorescent bulbs. Each one put out 2900 lumen. They put out a very bright white light. I really did not understand what I needed for lighting so I just got the one that put out the most light. I used the same lights for both veg and flower. For vegging I ran them under 24 hours of light.
Hydroponic System
I started with soil but soon developed a hydroponic set up. I found some plastic totes at Wal-mart. Two totes fit under the lights perfectly. They also held a total of 24, 6-inch planters. I used a 7 gallon bucket for a reservoir. The system cost less the $35 to make ($24 for the totes and $10 for the pump, fittings and tubing). It was a simple and effective flood and drain system.
As for nutrients I used Advanced Nutrients (Grow/Micro/Bloom). I did not use any other supplements or nutrients.
Once I Found a female I liked, I stated with bunk seeds remember, I started cloning and ended up making 3 more hydroponic systems and had all four pumping out decent herb.
The bud that I produced was extremely acceptable. The buds were small and not very dank. And it was virtually odorless. However it got you high and people always asked if I had any more.
I could have had at least 4 more systems up and running in a month. However at the peak of production I was forced to cut the power and virtually abandon the grow room all together.
It has been two years since my last grow and I am ready to start again. This time I plan to use fluorescent for just for vegetative growth. I have a 600 watt HPS for flowering. I am shopping for a LED grow light as well. I plan to use the same nutrients and some supplements as well.
That is my story, here are my questions:
1. My hydroponic system is just a reservoir, a tray for plants, some tubing and a pump. How could I improve this? How could I add CO2 to the system?
2. Will a 600 watt HPS cover a 3 foot by 3 foot grow area?
3. What should your lumen output be for a 3 foot by 3 foot grow area?
4. Based on my experience and what I have learned doing research, I believe that the reason I did not get large, dank, smelly buds was due to lighting and nutrients. I used fluorescents the whole time and I did not use any supplements like Bud Candy or Bud Factor X. Will using HPS lights and more nutrients give me those large, dank, smelly buds?


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Hey man. Here is my opinion you can start with.
1. A; not sure what your system is by your description, maybe post a picture. Is it dwc?
B; you add co2 to the air not the water. Many ways to get co2 in your room, compressed, brewed and co2 generators.

2.600 watts will do 3x3 rule of thumb is 50-75 watt per sq foot.

3. See above lumen isn't really relevant when you know what your light is, for industry standards. Same does not apply for cfl.

4. Your educated guess was close. Lighting yes, as for nutrients I've learned less is more. Bud candy and all those supposed boosters are just elevated levels of your base nutrients. Meaning you don't need to buy tons of different additives. You need 3 key elements N-P-K and micro nutrients. grow formula that contains your (N) nitrogen, a bloom formula that has your (P)phosphorus and (K)posassium. And a micro nutrient supplement. Tons of formulas and product lines to try what works for you.

If you would like somewhere to start lookup Lucas formula. I started with it a year ago, taught me a lot about growing. Now I run kingJohncs formula 5-5-10-3 lol research Lucas and you'll understand the numbers, its shit simple. Its using the general hydroponics flora nutrients, cheap and effective. Not just noobs use it, seasoned pros use it as well. I am neither lol but I use GH still hahahha

I do soil and veg in hydro for clones, so I'm not a hydro grower fully. But I'll give you some tips. KEEP YOUR WATER TEMPS BELOW 70F. Lol that is all.

If your even still around, not sure if this was a touch and go post. But I'd love to help and give some advice.

Cheers and good luck!
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