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DIY rdwc


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Here's what I came up with most ideas are stollen from other people on here but the worry of coming down to 40 gallons of water on the floor is now gone

I used ebb n flow valves on the buckets cause I tried that and had them laying around from before I seen the light of dwc just put them where you want your water level mine is about 4 inches below the net pot so even if that fitting leaks or gets broken there's still enough water in the bucket where they won't starve


Now the screens still need cleaning once in awhile but lines won't get clogged with roots

Now outside the room I have a 20 gallon tote that feeds the buckets I only have 3 buckets running off this I have to go get more fitting


The buckets have to be raised so that's one down side but if your running a screen it works pretty good until flush Time then I use a shop vac to suck out the water in the bucket it's a pain but works until I find a better way still working on restricting the water for Ballance I just pinched a piece of hose and ran a screw through it do need something better it's in the works
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Oh come on man I was bored and it was cold out haha
It actually works decent I been lucky and haven't had a sick one burn me yet needed something because I thought I was going back over the road and be gone all week and the wife didn't want to deal with it but yeah single bucket is better

PS I voted for your LSD 25 read your journal I think I can fit 9 buckets in my little tent I see what your doing with them autos got my interest


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That was a crazy plant that lsd 25 really ugly idk what it’s problem was. But the smoke was so good. I try to keep it simple as possible not to many things to worry about. But dwc is relaxing and easy when you find that groove. Have you taken a look at my 4 bucket setup I’m running now this should be awesome. But the setup it will do the job
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