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DIY recirculating drip type System


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Hey guys,

Been reading and looking into this off and on for a couple of months now and finally settled on a DIY recirculating drip type System. I have looked all over for Youtube and Forums and have not come across any “specific” parts lists/tutorial for what I am got in my head. So let me lay it out and please let me know if I got something wrong or just need to make subtle changes would be greatly appreciated.

• 10x5 Tent with Reservoir outside tent on tile for better cooling
o This is a flower room only – Will Veg separately
o Plan to use a SCROG for plant support
• (10) 5 gallon buckets (Maybe 3.5 G?)
o Not sure if I need 5 gallon but it seems bigger is better for my grow space
o 2x2.5’ per plant
• (10) 10” net pot “lids”
o I see a wide range in sizes here – but it seems another 5 gallon bucket full of Clay pebbles is over kill and a pain in the ass to clean – So figure a 10” net pot with lid is enough to keep roots watered and aerated – any issue with this?
• What I am still totally up in air on is how to incorporate the drip. Seems 2 different main ways of doing this:
o Hyrdro/waterfarm style using a reservoir and controller bucket to circulate the nutes with an “air pump” and rings to allow the “Drip”
o OR – the type where you use a single reservoir for nutes and a water pump push the water to drip in each plant via a manifold - The return works passively (I guess) – as water drops in the reserve – gravity returns the water there from the buckets by gravity

Little buzzed – and may be totally off here – I guess that is why I am doing this little “sanity Check”

Oh - If I am trying to recreate the wheel here, would some some kind person just give me link to where someone has all this done already? :)

Appreciate the help,
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