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DIY rotating garden on the cheap


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By adjusting speed of fan?
Yes, the LED's warm up the air in the drum, I lower the temp in the drum by blowing colder air into the drum, more air = colder, less air = warmer.

Blew Hiller

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Yes, the LED's warm up the air in the drum, I lower the temp in the drum by blowing colder air into the drum, more air = colder, less air = warmer.
Nice. I am the opposite for my winter indoor grows...I try to maximize heat retention because I grow in a 50-60F space.


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Day 28, November 28 2019

Plant no. 2 still growing....


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December 1, 2019

Quick update on the 2 clones.....the plan is still ON as they seem to be fine in the small RW cubes, no roots visible though....



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December 3, day 33, 2019

This picture will give you a better sense of the grow of the lettuce in the drum. I am pretty happy about how things are going right now and I really start looking forward having the 2 cannabis clones in the drum, hopefully next week…..




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? What is the normal grow time for the lettuce, has your system sped up this process ?
I am at week 5 now and in soil it takes 6 - 9 weeks, in hydro it takes about 4 weeks according the Internet so I am behind to the latter. I might have lost one week because of my clumsiness in the beginning and probably I could fine-tune things a bit but as it looks I might beat soil in the future but not DWC hydro, at least not with lettuce....

Still, for a first trial run I am happy with the result.


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Dec 8, 2019

Small update, the lettuce is still growing very well and roots are showing with one of the cannabis clones. As soon as I see roots at the second clone I will put them in the drum, hopefully this coming week.




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Dec 10 – START, 2019

Well, today is the day I guess…..both clones had roots coming out of the RW cube.


(And as you can see....Lettuce is still doing fine!)







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December 17, 2019

It’s been awhile but finally got some time to update you guys (and girls…)

The 2 plants are 7 days in now and the day after the drum was not turning, the first 2 leaves of both plants started hanging and never came back up. I do think the plants are growing as the rest looks good and healthy as far as I can see. To be continued…

The lettuce is growing out of proportions lol, the one in the picture is 40 cm or 16” wide.




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Very interesting, just don’t throw it on spin cycle. Could get messy unless you want a tossed salad.
Lol, I won't.... maybe I will do a search on levels of THC and CBD in lettuce.... :woohoo:


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December 18, 2019

Preparing 3 little Gorilla Glue's for take-off.



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December 24, 2019

The Good and the Bad…..

Haven’t been home for one day and found 2 gorilla glue’s like this. The cubes were completely dry, I tried to give the 2 with the weeping leaves some support, gave them water and hope for the best. Anyone has an opinion if these 2 will come back? Feedback is appreciated!

On the other hand, the 2 plants in the drum start to grow!!! The hanging leaves did not come back completely but you can see clearly that the tops are growing, guess the roots coming out of the cubes finally are growing into the 4x4” cubes.




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December 30, 2019


The good

Sooooo, I took out one of the lettuce as it started to interfere with one of the cannabis plants, the other lettuce I will take out next week. There will be no follow-up about the lettuce any more as this was just a test to show that it is possible to grow something in the drum.


The 3 gorilla Glue’s that were weeping are back on top now, amazing what a little bit of water can do….. :laugh2: not sure if I can put these in the drum later as there are already 2 older plants in the drum, perhaps I could have a problem with the 18/6 or 12/12 light schedule.

The best

The 2 cannabis plants in the drum are growing, it took a bit of time but now they are “taking off”…. It is hard to see on the picture (on the right) but this last picture is taken from a bigger distance, this plant is more about 2 inches taller than the one on the left (same plant) and the days between the pictures is only 6 days..... :woohoo:



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January 2, 2020 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The 2 plants in the drum are since December 10 in the drum and as I mentioned a few days ago they really started to grow. It looks like "the grow" is a "stretch" and they start to flower, guess these must be auto's, as I did not change my light schedule, still on 18/6 hours...



I know nothing about these 2 plants, got them from someone and the only answer I got was they were "locally" whatever that means.....

If these are "auto's", that would make things easier for me, I only have them in the drum to see if cannabis grows in the drum with Masterblend nutrients, and they do.....
Being auto's makes it easier, as my Gorilla Glue's are getting roots so I could put them in the drum and maintaining the 18/6 light schedule. Probably I put 2 in the drum and one I will grow in a grow room.


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Jan 2, 2020

I will come back one last time to the lettuce that I took out just to show you the root development in the 4x4" cube, I guess Omega was right when they told me that roots don't grow outside the cube.



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The roots were air pruned and could be a problem with the cannabis. Root bound in the small cube with not enough root mass to support further growth. Not sure but the regular supply of nutes may negate that. Looking forward to see which way this will go.
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