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DIY Stealth Scrog Grow First Journal - Plenty Of Pictures


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ok i have several different grows/experiments going this summer most r outside but i do have a stealth scrog grow going ok i had a few good stock seeds this year all unknown strands but all came out of a bag of 140 a quarter once smoke.. all turned out to male lol go figure so i had some seeds i saved from some really good reggie i thin i paid like 40 bucks for a half ounce and then i caught the growing bug again and well i had at least 50 plants going at one time witch is kinda not a good thing since i don't live anywhere close to the magical 14. ugh just pass the damn law already its a fucking plant 8 is the magical number where i am anything over 8 plants and u r lookin at big boy time so i got scared and got rid of most of them. i am over the limit just not as far im not a first time grower but deff not a vet either especially since this process is constantly changing i know i have fucked a few important things and i am currently trying to fix most of them please dont bust my head to bad i bet a couple buddies of mine i can take bag seed and grow them the half ass right way and it will be just as good as any dro they ever bought if i succeed then they have to pay for next BIG grow ;)

soil personal mix 2 part store bought garden soil no nutes in soil
1 part perlite
1 part coco coir
.5 part pellet lime
1 part mg water crystals
using Walmart reusable shopping bags as a kind of smart bag 4 bucks each
they hold roughly 5 gallons of soil each
my temps stay between 80 to 90 degrees f
humidity 40 to 50%
this is a cabinet but it is outside in my shop that is not heated or cooled
i am using clones from a sexed bag seed
mostly sativa the mother shows definite signs of being primarily sativa but i am sure it is some kind of hybrid
i have been using mg fertilizer general purpose for veg and i have this foam shit u pump directly on the soil for bloom the numbers on the bottle looked decent i think they were .5-1.0-.5
i wasn't happy with that so have got me some AN nirvana bloom enhancer
they get one table spoon of molasses in a gallon of water once a week (molasses Monday) as i call it
1 unknown name 400 watt led from ebay seems to work great
cabinet is quiet small 18 in deep 27 inch wide and like 47 in tall
i have a third horse power squirrel cage for air movement i have it mounted in the bottom of the box blowing directly over the grow bags then the air comes up thru the scrog to get to the exhaust vent on the top back wall i have to water them everyday lol the light does not hang in the cabinet instead i have installed it in the bottom of the cabinet on top of the grow so its kinda flush with the top of the grow cabinet i needed the extra room i hope no filters or any of that i not really worried about the smell

so the mother is in the back yard and is almost 7 foot tall now and has been budding for about a month now i expect two to three pounds off her yay i pulled the clones awhile (about 45 days) back i had a shit load of them too i kept four and gave the rest away who wouldn't want a free sexed clone right? these clones laid dormant for about a month i gave them only water and kept the lights on for 13 hours a day they were nothing but red solo cups of roots

pix of the mother sorry bout the sideways crap

love bird nest one my shit soo big birds be nesting it

alright i started the clones on their grow into the scrog on 8-1-2015

two weeks later on mg fert straight tap water and 24 hour a day growing

i think they r doing great i have ordered some botnicare bloom base i would like to know how to use the nirvana best i was told by AN to give it 1.5 teaspoon mixed with one gallon of water but not how often
i started the indoor scgrog on 12/12 yesterday 8/18/2015 i gave them nothing but water for three days then a half ass dose of flora kleen flush made by gh yesterday i started them on half strength mg foam base nute and a 1.5 teaspoon of the nirvana last night was their first night of 12/12 i had pulled the light down to 16 hours a a day during the three day mini flush

any and all help suggestions or thoughts are welcomed thanks for stoppin by

i am sure i forgot stuff so feel free to point those things out for me


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Looks great man! Love the stealthy cab. Mom looks awsome, I can't seem to get anything but bugs to live in my girls the birds nest is cool, hopefully they took flight and didn't become somethings dinner.
My only advice is lose the MG you will need a crazy flush at the end and it will probably still leave residual taste. GH base nutes are pretty cheap and I have seen people have great success. Going organic on your next run would put your cost way down and other than getting your medium mixed it is ALOT less work.


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Stealth cab is great, birds nest is pretty cool!
I kinda agree and disagree with Grimm about the mg nutes. They are a good starting point for newer growers. You will really learn your plant when using the blue mg nutes. I would say to switch to the tomatoe mg nutes if you plan on staying with mg. But they will drop your ph to almost 5 if you aren't careful and that will cause issues. If you are wanting a simple dry nutrient, I would recommend G.H. Maxibloom. Comes in 2.2 lb (1 kilo) bag and is less than $17. Not sure if you have a ph pen, but it's a great investment and will save your plants from having major issues in the future. Also under the LED you will need some type of cal/mag supplement. Your doing great! I hope you don't mind that I gave a little advice. Keep
up the good work!


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hey bomb thanks for my first sub ever lol i appreciate the advice that's why most of r here right i used peletized lime inmy soil mix does that address the mag problem? i am getting away from mg just all i had at the time but thruth be told they are loving the shit out of the mg blue and the foam stuff i have its made by mg too that cab scrog has only been going since 8-1 i havent had any problems at all a few bugs but i killed them ;) i like botnicare i a have ordered me another bottle of the cn17 grow and bloom i have had great success with this fert yes i have ph and ec pens my water comes out 8.4 nutes bring it down to 7.5 i have got a recent water analyst we have no fluoride and very little chlorine so i just use water straight out of the tap and have been since they popped the bean i was told ph is not really a concern in soil so i really dont bother with it i know the numbers lol i also have a soil meter its a cheap pos but it gives me a idea of whats going on


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here is what mg did i put clones in soil mix with no nute value gave them a gallon of water with three of the small end scoops that come with mg they each got a half g a day of blue mg and table spoon of molasses a week and one dose of super thrive a week
i put these clones in the grow bags with the soil and put the scrog on top this was done on 8-1 the second pic was take 8-18 all i have to say is wow


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It might work, I'm not too familiar with "natural sources" of cal mag. I'm straight synthetic nute kind of guy. I'm sure someone with more experience growing in soil will be able to help you better than I could with that. I just know that I needed it when I switched to LED and my nutes have a fair ammount of cal/mag in them already.

Oh yeah, if someone posts to your thread, they automatically are subbed.


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my clone box i painted the inside flat white and put a 32 watt circle florescent light in the top of it i also put a metal bread tray in it as a catch pan i also put a quart jar of water with a bubblier rock in it i am 40 out 40 with this box i cut the clones dipped in water used some root hormone powder from Walmart stuck them in clear plastic cup of fore mentioned soil mix watered them and bam 10 days later i had roots poking out


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You're welcome bro. Ladies are doing fine, one is almost in final stages putting on weight and the other one is just getting bigger and bigger with plenty of bud sites.

My plants life begin when they are popped out of soil. They see scorching 600 watts MH light 24/7 till the final stages of vegitation. Light promotes healthy growth with plenty of bud sites.

Keep on posting pictures, I would love to see your grow guide and finish. Don't care if no one subscribes, It's all about growing plants, sharing your experience and smoking good weed. Best of luck!!

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