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DJ Short's FLO by BWC BayArea

BWC BayArea

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I have been trying to grow DJ Short's FLO seeds out for a year and circumstances finally granted me opportunity to finish a grow.

Strain Name - DJ Short's "FLO"

From - Beans obtained from Coffee Shop Blue Sky in Oaksterdam, CA. 10 pack for $100+ tax

When - 4/2/2011

Price - Cost to grow for 100+ days total, 62 days in bloom.

Type - Hybrid. I believe DJ Short's Blueberry was one of the parents

Appearance - Light greenish purple to a nice medium purple with greenish tones (after cure). Buds did a lot of fox tailing. Some buds were airy because grow space was warm on some days or some plants were taller and closer to the light.

Smell - Fruity, Sweet. Not strong in the grow space compared to a strain like

Purple Kush. When trichomes are disturbed you can really smell it. Medium smell.

Taste - Doesn't really have a distinct taste. Not harsh and won't choke you up too bad.

Type of Buzz - Definitely a head high. Great morning or mid day smoke. If smoked in excess can put you to sleep, but typically won't. The come down if typically when sleepy feeling would set in, but you'll feel lazy first. After your high kicks in, no need to keep smoking, you won't get too much higher. This info is based on upper mid/low high grade quality 7 out of 10.

Length of Buzz - 1 gram approx 2 hours.

Best Medicinal Use - Great for stimulating appetite (chemo patients may want to look into this strain for this purpose), alleviating anxiety, relaxation
Overall - I think the strain is a decent medicinal strain for the aforementioned reasons. As a grower, this would make for a good parent for breeding stock. DJ Short boasts of multiple harvests from plants. I have yet to explore this attribute of FLO. It is a purple strain for the color connoisseur. No additives necessary, just the appropriate amount of bloom time is all it takes. Decent trichome production, although surrounding fan leaves won't be dusted as a strain such as Deep Chunk may do. I had fun growing this strain. Check my gallery out for more photos of DJ Short's FLO.

Full plant shot of FLO days before harvest

Bud shot just before harvest
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Plant of the Month Winner - December 2011
Looks great! Good review BWC!

My favorite dispensary had Flo in last week, very dark and different looking. I was tempted to pick up a little. To be honest, if it looked as good as yours I probably would have. Nice grow, very frosty.

On a side note. You mentioned fox tailing due to the plant getting close to the light. I've had this problem with my current set up, now I think I know why. Heat has not been a huge issue with temps topping out at 84* (think that's ok) occasionally, but the plant has grown taller then expected. I may need to downsize my light.

Thanks for the info, and keep up the great work BWC!
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