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Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors

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If your soils good and its not a permanent location, you might not even need to fertilize. I think some breeds of cannabis have better tasting buds if they have had to struggle a bit for survival. I can almost taste the buds that have been "spoiled" by an over-protective gardener.
However, if your growing in the same location year after year or if your soil is poor to begin with, you will need to add amendments. If an acre of hemp is burned the ash could contain as much as 25 to 30 kilos of pottasium, so youll have to add some mass. Some organic amendments will improve the texture and drainage as well as supply nutrients, and they have the advantage of not building up into a toxic condition.


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Re: Do I Need Fertilizer? (Outdoors)

what's everybody think about good ol miracle gro potting mix and garden soil ?

Bad JuJu. I've had several failures with that and so have those I know.

Get some good quality compost, perlite, coco coir, a touch of greensand, and you are good to go.

The MG stuff is just way too "harsh" and has a good chance of burning everything.



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Re: Do I Need Fertilizer? (Outdoors)

I messed around with Fox Farms' Grow Big and Big Bloom. I never went over half the recommended strength and only fertilized about once a month. Great bud but not as much as I predicted. I blame the unusual weather last year more than anything. I love Fox's soils and their fertilizers are good too.This year will be different. Compost tea and a little chicken crap will be my test in bigger holes.


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Re: Do I Need Fertilizer? (Outdoors)

thanks for the info blazer, gonna try mg though, about 50/50 potting and garden soil with perlite, havent got coco stuff yet but in future. decided i need to stay in. got 2 tap roots yesterday and expect 2 more today for a total of 4 which is probably too much, but i usually do that. thanks again.


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And I've heard that Advanced Nutrients makes a nutrient for outdoor growing, though I haven't used it. I've used other AN products with a lot of success, so that's where I'd start if you want to grow delicious MMJ.


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what up,
tks for ur reply,
picked up a small bottle of superthrive. hope I have some luck with that. thanks again. had a little luck with a nl auto not sure which no# and gota akr tryin to bloom. also ordered fox frm suprblm. get it in a day or two.

all fictional, just for fun.;}


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What about planting Native American style? Drop a dead fish in the hole under your seeds then just leave it be. No?
Make sure no bears smell the fish they will dig up your plant


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i live in nigeria i plant some seeds in my back yard garden 5 months ago now i have one plant 1.6 meter tall total female start to show buds 2 weeks ago, this is my first plant, please i will like if anyone can check mine and tell me if their is any thing i could do.






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I have 3 auto flowering platens at least 6 weeks old. They are still extremely small and are growing at an extremely slow rate. I have them in the sun outdoors. Im thinking of putting fertilisers in them to increase the growth rate and overall strength of the plants. This is my first grow and i don't know much but I'm thinking of getting this fertiliser

Thrive Soluble All Purpose Plant Food - Yates products

can you guys tell me if this product can be used on my plants?
Thanks bruz


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I wouldn't apply anything but cutting agents and organic calcium in some form if you don't know the quality of your soil. If it's very poor then yeah definitely but if it's rich soil just plant it without giving anything.


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Hi guys what's up I'm kornbred kb for short so I'm new to growing pot well kinda I've grown up on a farm and I've tried in the woods around but no luck I know how to germinate and all that right now I'm trying to grow indoors in soil but I need help I want to do this right they have just sprouted please any feed back will help!!


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are there any all in one organic soils to buy that are the best.
I don't know anything about adding nuts and I'm pretty sure I just killed all of my first plants.

I have some weird scrapping on the steam of the one i just cut down. it looked like something attacked it.

the plants i have in the ground have this scrapping on the steams, the plants in pots do not.


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Ok. So I'm a new grower, I want some advise. I saw the dead fish idea and liked it, but I wanna know some other cheap/fast ways to grow.
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