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Do I Need Fertilizer? Outdoors


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What about planting Native American style? Drop a dead fish in the hole under your seeds then just leave it be. No?
A lot of the growers here do that. Years ago my grandfather would put one Gaspereau with every hill of potatoes. That and manure was the only fertlizer the old people had. A critter wouldnt dare set foot in his garden ;)


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Me, personally, I don't like the taste of buds that have been grown on fresh manure. We used to grow in some home made compost and mulch, that has been sitting for a year at least. We mixed it with sand and peat and whatnot was at hand. Then we used nettles and other various greens together with some kind of sugar (apples, grapes fallen on the ground) to ferment them for 3 days together in a bucket. The idea is to make areated brew, that is rich in various bacteria and fungi (we also used some fungi rich soil in the fermenter). Then you can strain and dilute it 1:10 at the beggining and spray right on leaves. Worked as a charm, spray some and you can use the rest to water. That's my two cents. Good luck.


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Re: Do I Need Fertilizer? (Outdoors)

what's everybody think about good ol miracle gro potting mix and garden soil ?
Throw it away Scott's the company that owns Miracle crap just spent almost a billion dollars through a new company they opened named Hawthorne Gardening by buying up reputable company's like General Hydroponics, Gavita and AeroGrow and Botinacare, and Sun lighting. And they are in the middle of a few other buyouts. And everyone knows that Scott's products are made with cheap chemicals from Monsanto. The CEO of Scott's said they are going take over the marajauna industry in California. And just so you know Scott's' Parent company is Monsanto, which is the worlds leading poison manufacturer. Does Round up sound familiar and the huge class action law suit against Monsanto for the chemicals used in round up. Monsanto has more money than god.


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what up,
tks for ur reply,
picked up a small bottle of superthrive. hope I have some luck with that. thanks again. had a little luck with a nl auto not sure which no# and gota akr tryin to bloom. also ordered fox frm suprblm. get it in a day or two.

all fictional, just for fun.;}
I just mixed up ffof perlite dolomite,voodoo juice and Pirahana. Happy as a pig in shit
If you are looking for a very cheap or inexpensive fertilizer that is better for your plants than MG, try out plant products.
They have a cheap all purpose 20-20-20 and 15-30-15 flower. This is better than MG, around the same price and actually works pretty well.

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I'm growing in this mix: 45% Fox Farm KoKoBop + 45% garden compost + 10% perlite. I have plants in 20 gallon fabric bags in a greenhouse and two plants outside originally planted in holes with 20 gallons of this mix. All of the plants are doing really well. I have been giving them additional nutes but nothing all that special (see my journal).

A friend has been growing clones for years in his garden soil, without additional nutes other than compost. His plants are basically small trees.
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