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Do I need to Decarb?


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I make butter by tossing ground bud into a slow cooker with butter and simmering on low for 24 hours. I read that bud should be decarded in the oven first, is it necessary?


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Necessary? No. If your looking to get high, you should be doing it.

It can more than double your potency. Just bake it at 220*f for 20 minutes... Then cook into whatever oil, however you are comfortable.

Try it small scale, one day do one without decarb, the next day one that has... The difference is crazy, you won't be disappointed. If anything, you will see that you can scale back in recipes.


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I agree with tHSEA!
decarb!!! it works, it steps up all the varied compounds 1 level.
very effective.


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Not really. It all depends on you. But for me, I always decarb my weed to optimize the potency of THC becuase raw cannabis contains a lot of THCA which is not psychoactive.
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