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Do i or dont i defol?


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Good day ladies and gentleman.

I have just flipped my super lemon haze which ive vegged for 6 weeks and looking for some advice on defol.

I have come across many pros and cons regarding this technique so any experience/opinions are welcomed.

Ive also implemented an lst technique.




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in my opinion it can be helpful to get good airflow so mosture doesn't stick around or for better light penetration and something that shoud be done on a as needed basis. I tried lollipopping on branch once,I don't think it helped at all.


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Your suppose to do it during veg time a few times before flipping so it's less likely to stress and hermi on you. Now, I would only do it if you have high humidity, because mold(pm) will wipe out your grow.


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Okay thanks everyone. Im not going to defol just take leaves when required.

My mind always tells me not to touch when it comes to removing leaves. Feel like im hurting the plant thats going to bring me so much joy haha.

Cheers for your help


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Im not going to defol this time around as ive already flipped and dont want any unessassary stress but im moving to a slightly bigger grow space for my next go so will defol then and compare results going to have a look at your grow now :)


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I defol after day 25 of flower after the stretch is over. Super lemon haze can grow to be a tall plant so the stretch will probably be quite a lot.

Check this link out about defol to increase yield
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