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Do I scrape or do I nick?

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Upon removing the clipping from MOTHER I am presented with a choice. Usually I make the obligatory 45 degree cut and split the stem, all under the Clone-X gel. Additionally, while under the gel I scrape the sides of the stem around the circumference to remove the cuticle and expose the active tissue. After re-dipping in the clone gel I insert the clipping into the rock wool or peat cube. Here are the observed differences between the two: The roots appear to mostly emanate from the bottom of the growth cubes when the nick method is used whereas more roots seem to appear from the sides of the cube when the stem scraping method is performed, and do it more quickly. The operating theory being: The expanded 360 degree rooting surface caused by the scraping offers a greater opportunity for the plant to develop roots in any direction it wishes; and so it does. With the scrape method I have seen roots jumping out the top of the cube, not previously noted with nicking. I have concluded more roots sooner equal faster growth, all other factors being equal. This technique may assist auto flowering clones to develop earlier and progress more quickly.
Am I on the right track here? It's only an observation. Your results may differ. :)
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I use the scrape method, too, and it gives me more success than nicking. I also make the cut at a sharp angle below a node to expose as much of the tissue as possible.

The only time I can't seem to get cutting to root is in winter. Something about the lack of energy due to long winter nights in the far north. They are rooting, now, however! :high-five:
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