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Do plants feel pain?


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Okay, this is pretty farfetched thinking, I know, but I'm wondering what you fellow colleagues think about this?
This youtube video makes me want to anesthetize
my plants:sorry:
This article goes into as well... but be WARNED! Plants can read your mind! You may never harvest your girls again!:6:


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I'm not sure about the test with the lighter.

Heat itself is a form of energy. The lighter was used in close proximity to the electrodes. The lighter was also BELOW the electrodes, and heat rises. The results could have simply been the electrodes picking up heat energy through the air, or the heat energy could have simply been conducted along the path of the petiole and into the stem.

This is the same way a thermocouple works with a pilot light on an oven, water heater, gas dryer, furnace, etc.. The thermocouple turns heat energy into electrical energy, and when that electrical signal is present, it allows the gas valve to open. Without that electrical signal (from heat) the gas valve will not open, and saves lives by not filling a house with gas.

To really properly test this, they need a larger plant, with the electrodes placed lower on the plant. They'll need temperature sensors placed along several points on the stalk and stems leading up to the electrodes. And each leaf tested needs to be at a higher point above the electrodes, and there have to be multiple temp sensors between the point of heat application, and the electrodes.

In my opinion, this test is inconclusive and proves nothing.

However, the Ether test seems cool. But at the same time, I'm not introducing any kind of anesthetic into my medication lol.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound like the biggest skeptic in the world, as I'm not. But I need to see absolute proof that can't be refuted in any way before I start believing something.
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