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Do these buds and trichs look ready?


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hey there everyone.
do you think anyone could give me experience if these buds look ready?
being that its my first grow, im still having trouble figuring out when things are ripe.
so i put picks of triches under 60x, and also full pic of a bud of each strain, for those that like to judge by overall bud appearance.
theyre both sativa dom strains. week 10 into flower.
i bought these strains cause i was looking for something that has a focused, cerebral high, and still be functional. some ambers are popping up. however i dont wanna harvest to early and lose potential of the genetics.

STRAIN 1: CBD medi haze (breeder flower time 9-11 weeks)
notes: mostly cloudy, some clear, some amber.
(p.s. CBD crew told me to harvest it when 75% amber in order to maximize potential. however i dont want couchlock. this is a CBD 2:1 strain. but wahts unique about it, is that its sativa dominant.)


STRAIN B: Maui waui. (breeder time. 9-10 weeks)

notes: this one is confusing me. i see a mix of cloudy and clear, and at the same ambers have started popping up over the last week. but the ambers seem to be coming on, while the clears are staying cloudy. for example, i see a clear triche, that starts becoming amber, without becoming cloudy. and i see cloudy triches that are not amber yet.

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