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Do these nutes mix

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I've vegged her since June 4th. She's been through alot. Many mistakes. She's back to looking nice. I'm about to go into flower. Using Flora Series. My roots don't look their best due to high temps. I've since added a chiller but I still have somewhat dark roots. I have Hydroguard, a sample of Mammoth P, H2O2 and a sample of Flying Skull Z7. Do these mix well? Too much? Which ones should I use? Should I hold off on flower until I get bright white roots? They are not slimy, just discolored. It may be the Micro that stained them. My res always looks dark due to nutes. Hep me Hep me Please!
(Pic of roots is old pic but same color)
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Chris Scorpio

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How much Flora series ya using?

I use hydroguard and z7 and swear by them. My rezz is always around 76-80deg and my roots looks white and healthy. Never any goopies when I do changes

Never used h202, I'd stop that
mammoth p isnt to help the water, so not sure on it

What's yer water ph
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I'm using 50% of Flora Series and everything else. Should I only be doing 50% on the base nutes? My temps are right at 67 for a week now. Ph usually ends up at around 5.9-6.1
Do you do reduced Hydroguard and Z7 or use full strength on the additives and reduced on the base nutes and such like Diamond nectar, rapid start, floralicious plus, Armor Si, Flora Nectar (my entire arsonal)?

Chris Scorpio

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Good on 50% of base nutes, they don't need more , I use the GH Flora myself

I do full on additives, especially hydroguard and z7, which still isn't much, but those two are very important

I was told to use both and am sooooo glad I did

I use rhino Skin, koolbloom, and Terpinator and use recommend levels
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First grow. Trying the think it out with the little knowledge I have. I wanted nice bright white roots before flowering, but its been vegging since June 4 and I really just want to see what she is going to do and start her clones. Do tinted roots ever "come back"? She is scrogged now so its difficult to see let alone take pics of roots now.

Just to be sure: Base Nutrients are just the three Floras (Gro, Micro & Bloom)?

Chris Scorpio

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Correct , those three

I'd cut back on everything but the base nutes, armor si, hydroguard and z7

Learn to grow first, and learn what to add from peeps that use those other additives

Old roots won't change I don't think, but new will be white

I'd stay simple till you get a handle on things and dial it in
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Great Advice. One last thing. Would you please refresh me on the order to add.
I know some go before the base nutes and some go after.

Chris Scorpio

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Armor Si 1st, let it sit for 10 min
Then I add hydroguard, stir, z7, stir, then base nutes and stir after each one

Brown, green, red in the trio, I mark the lids 1,2,3 to make it easy