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Do You Remove Stems and Seeds Before Using A Grinder?


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Back when I was younger, we just used a frisbee and our drivers liscence to bust up our pot and clean out the stems and seeds. Now, 35 years later, smoking weed has changed so much I don't even recognize it.

Now that I have my MMJ I went out and bought myself and real nice magnetic 2 part grinder. Problem is, I've never used on before and have not idea what I'm doing.

Do I clean out the seeds before grinding up the nugs. Or, will I just be able to pick them out after grinding. I don't want to end up with a bunch or ground up seeds and stem. But, I have no idea how fine these things grind.

(by the way .... It's an EZgrinder)

Or, should I bust up the nugs, cut out stems and pick out seeds ..... and then grind.


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Hi Muttt,

Some people don't worry too much about grinding up the stems, but most do pick them out along with any seeds that are found before grinding everything up. If you don't want ground up stems or seeds, I would suggest that you pick them out before you grind everything.



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Shouldn't have any seeds unless its mexican brick weed. Those days are gone thank god.lol
I gust pick the buds apart to about marble size and then put it in the grinder. A couple of twists and you're ready to roll.
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