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Do you use an instant pot to make butter or oil? What size jar do you use?


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The recipes I have found online have often detailed to use a pint jar but do you think it would work to use a quart jar? I would think a quart jar would be easier to work with for it. Would the recipe work the same if you use a bigger jar? I would think that it would not but want to make sure the recipe works the same and you would not have pressure problems for it on there.


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I would think you could use the biggest jar you can fit in the pot.


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I have switched to pyrex measuring cups from jars after the bottoms cracked out of two full jars of oil. Heat stress builds up over time in jars. They are not meant to be reused over and over like pyrex. I have seen a whole kilo of distillate ruined this way. Very sad.
we use the instapot always, never burns and is decarbed. i like a pyrex beaker. i know most people don't have a big beaker. That are great, i infuse oils, butters, and lard this way. i put two layer of foil over the top hand sealed. Pull one off at a time and no water gets in. I also wrap a towl around the jar so it doesn't fall over (don't ask)
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