DobeWan's Perpetual Adventure 2.0: The Reboot


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Welcome friends old and new to my new grow journal!

For those that don't know me, a little background. I'm a legal medical grower out of Canada. I suffer from a pretty bad case of IBS, and MMJ helps me deal with it. I enjoy cannabis recreationally as well. I've grown and run journals for 2 sets of plants from end to end, and I grew a third set of plants into flower before having to cull healthy plants unexpectedly. Now, I start over with the tools I've acquired since I started here back in May 2017 - the knowledge and experience I gained, and the support I received - and look forward to crushing it. I'm confident and ready.

So, what will I be growing?

My IBS responds best to indica, the purer the better. It also responds OK to hybrids with a strong indica side; those strains are usually a little better suited to daytime use. Recreationally, I enjoy hybrids and sativas a lot. My wife suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, but is only treating it occasionally with MMJ. So while I'm not growing a plant for her needs at the outset of the journal, I likely will at some point.

I run a 3-tent setup:

2x3 Mammoth propogation tent (2 ft tall)
2 x Sunblaster T5HO 3', expandable to 7x (I have 6 light fixtures, the bracket I have can fit 7)

3x3 Secret Jardin grow tent
Viparspectra 600 LED (276 true watts)

4x4 Mammoth grow tent
Viparspectra 900 LED (418 true watts)
4 x Sunblaster T5HO 3ft (156 watts)

I use a variety of other accessories in the tents - if you have questions about anything, just ask.

I grow in coco and feed GH nutes. I feed according to Ase's schedule. I train in my own style, heavily inspired by both the people here and the creativity and experimentation they tend to encourage.

I should always have 1-4 plants going in the flower tent, and that will be supported by whatever I need in the propogation and veg tents. I can have up to 20 plants going at a time, which gives me room to experiment.

I'll aim to document any key processes, as well as to provide a large photo update weekly, and I'll supplement that with smaller photo and text updates throughout the week. If anything I do drives any question whatsoever, please ask. I've benefited greatly from the willingness of people here to help and I'm happy to try to pay back the help I've gotten by helping others.

My Tutorial Posts:

Thanks to all who contribute to this community! I'm excited to take part once again!


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Here's the first update, to get things going - the plan for the first round.

Here's what I'm planning to grow:

Violator Kush: This is the "heavy indica" slot on my list. VK is a cross of Hindu Kush and Malana, giving it a pure, old school flavour and effect. It's a Barney's Farm strain. It can taste like Dr. Pepper, and hits like Hindu Kush.

I grew one of these to flower in the fall, and it was a slow starter but formed a beautiful canopy without too much work in training. I was sad to chop it prematurely, and now I can't wait to see what I get from this one.

Royal Gorilla: The second of the two strains I'm repeating from the fall, RG is Royal Queen Seeds' take on Gorilla Glue. I figured if I can't get the "original", I can get a copy from a good seedbank. Mine was just hitting its stride when I culled it in the fall, and I expect this one will be similarly nice to grow.

White Widow: I've been skeptical of growing my Seedsman freebies, but there are a lot of good experiences with Seedsman White Widow posted online. White Widow is a classic but a fairly new strain to me that I really enjoyed when I tried it over the summer. I figured it was very much worth growing on my own.

Liberty Haze: This is the fun one of the bunch. Produced by Barney's Farm, it's G13 x Chemdawg, and was a Cup winner.

I just started germinating these tonight, so we'll see where they stand tomorrow. Here's how I germinated.

First off, I folded 2 paper towels over upon one another to create a pocket, then marked a letter to differentiate, sprinkled on some distilled water, and put the seeds in place.


Next I folded the paper towel pocket over, and sprinkled more distilled water over the paper towel to get it damp but not soaked.


I then put a plate on bottom and top to create a little cocoon.


I wrapped the plates up in dish towels to block out the light and hold everything in place.


Then I put the whole thing into my entertainment center on top of the receiver. I'll close the glass to create a nice warm little pocket of air for my seeds to sit in. I know from experience this creates a perfect temperature.


Overkill? Maybe. But I treat my ladies right! :laugh:


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Welcome G2HM, Ase, Jgrow, BudzFreak, and newty!

G2HM, Ase, I'm glad to be back too! Can't wait to get this moving along and see where it takes me. I share your keen interest in Violator Kush G2HM, can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks to you guys for coming back for this journal, my journal is enriched by your presence!

Jgrow, hope I can have similar results with the Liberty Haze and Royal Gorilla! Thanks again for following along Jgrow, you were one of the very first in the beginning and again now!

MadDabber, hold onto those snacks tight, once I send Pennywise a link I expect the cheesy poofs might disappear quickly.

Thanks BudzFreak! I pieced my setup together throughout 2017 as I quickly realized I wanted a 2 tent setup. The propagation tent was a bonus! I figure I'll always keep flowers going, and this setup gives me that ability.

Thanks for stopping by newty! We coco growers need to stick together! I too have a keen interest in any grows that check those boxes so I'll aim to get up to speed with yours as soon as I have time - definitely over the holidays. I'm playing big time catch up after being away for a short break; a lot can happen in a short time around here.


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I’ll take the beanbag chair in the corner

The journal wouldn’t be a journal without you stopping by, pw! Thanks again for all your help since literally day 1! Now let’s see if I can put it all together.

Lots of cheesy poofs for everyone, although you might have to wrestle them away from MadDabber!


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Quick update for tonight...

Just finished getting the coco soaking in 1-1-1 solution. I mixed in too much CalMag and sent the PPM a little higher than target, so I'll water the coco at lower PPM tomorrow before putting seeds in to be safe.

The Royal Gorilla and Violator Kush seedlings have taproots showing, just a couple of mm. White Widow has cracked but no taproot showing through yet. Liberty Haze hasn't even cracked, which is a little worrisome, but I won't sweat it yet as it has only been a day. That said I expect to see progress tomorrow morning.

I'm excited to get back at it and can't wait to get a tent running tomorrow!


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Hey DW!

Page 1 up in this bish! This should be a fun one. Good luck bud

Hold on...let me get this two liberty haze freebies are Chemdog X G13? Ooh now that is a game changer in my rotation

Thanks UA! Glad to have you back for another round!

I'm pretty excited about the Liberty Haze too - assuming mine gets going...


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Quick morning update. 3 of 4 seeds have germinated! Violator Kush led the way, with Royal Gorilla not far behind it. Just a little bit of taproot out on White Widow but given the status of the other two, I decided to plant those three. All went into coco this morning, making today 1V. Liberty Haze still hasn't even cracked open. I have 2 more Liberty Haze seeds but they look a lot like the one I'm trying to germinate, so who knows if I would have any more luck. I'll see how it looks tonight and make a call.


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No luck with the Liberty Haze. It still hasn’t shown any progress whatsoever after 2 days germing. I think it’s a dead seed.

I have 2 other LH seeds. Both look similarly poor so I’m worried they won’t pop. Options:

1. Attempt another LH and hope for the best.
2. Attempt both other LH and leave one in veg (or cull it) if both germinate.
3. Attempt another LH and a new seed in parallel. Options are Seedsman Jack Herer and RQS Amnesia x OG, both freebies. I want to grow a sativa, ideally based on Haze, and those are the only options I have. I ruled out Diesel because the only seed I have is autoflower, and Chocolope because I still have a ton of it.
4. Ditch the LH and germ just the Jack or the Amnesia x OG.
5. Ditch all options and buy something new that can get here quickly. Which likely means overpaying for import genetics from a Canadian site, or buying something Canadian, like BC Bud Depot or CKS. Even then I’d be behind by a week+.

Anyone have an opinion either way? I’m leaning towards trying to germ another LH while also trying to germ the Jack or the Amnesia x OG, and leaving one in the propagation tent if both germ.


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I ended up doing a new paper towel with a 2nd Liberty Haze and an Amnesia x OG. I kept the LH seed that has been in the paper towel for 2 days - it actually looks better than the newly added seed. The Amnesia x OG seed didn't look that great itself. Freebies seem to be a bit of a dumping ground for dud seeds!
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