DocJ First Time Grow CropKing Autoflowers

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Hey everyone, been lurking in the shadows for awhile and decided to start growing and do a grow journal at the same time.

To start, I purchased CropKings auto flower seeds. 3 strains to try out

1. White Widow
2. Train Wreck
3. Candy Cane

I started by germinating 3 of each strain. All 3 white widow and candy cane are above the surface. I only have 1 train wreck that is sprouted so far.

I am using Fox Farms soil and nutrients

5 gal smart pots

4x8x6 grow tent

Looking forward to sharing my experience with these girls
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Day 6 Update

White widow girls are lookin good. No water today. Giving them first round of nutes tomorrow so want them good and thirsty.

Going 1/4 strength cal mag and big bloom

Here is the train wreck. Only 1 out of 3 popped up. She’s about 2 days behind the white widows

And the candy cane, 3 for 3. Although one might not make it

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