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Docs Soilless BacctoEliteHP Multi Strain Journal 2014


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Whats up 420mag!! :welcome:
GoodVibes to all :Namaste: ..this is my first grow journal gonna be running some new soilless medium(BacctoEliteHP) thats specifically designed for growing Medicinal Cannabis..the Rep handed me the bag and said this aint for growin tomatoes :laugh2: haha awesomeness...sorry for the sideway pics those are from my phone..like i said its my first journal so any help and tips would be greatly appreciated and hella welcome!! Now on to the reason for this journal...

What strain is it? Ill be doing a perputual grow first strains i'll be running are Purple Headband and Cherry Pie the next will be Spacegush and Grape Stomper
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Purple Headband is Sativa dom and Chery Pie is indica
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? All plants are in veg Stomper and Spacegush are vegging a lot slower so they will be kept in veg a bit longer
If in Veg... For how long? 3 weeks
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soilless BacctoEliteHP
If soil... What size pot? 2gal Smart Pots
Size of light? veg will consist of 2 sun blaze 48t5's blue n red spectrum (hooking up 3rd when it gets cooler) bloom will be 1800 watts 3 600 watt adjust-a-wings
Is it air-cooled? nah T5's and Wings (12000BTUA/C)
Temp of Room/cab? veg75-84 bloom70-74
RH of Room/cab? 40
PH of media or res? 6
Any Pests ? No
How often are you watering? I water 2-3 times a week
Type and strength of ferts used? Mills super light feed 1/4 strength

Here are a couple pics of day



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so like i said I'm in week 3 of veg now but here are some pics of week one
These girls have been getting hit with bennie enriched tea (photosynthesis+ Azos..GreatWhite) and loving it
I was able to get 2 feedings in week one forgot to add I've been going harder on the cal-mag because i just introduced an RO into my grow
I misted the girls at the end of the week with Heavy16 foliar Photo+ SeaGreen n SuperVit



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Week 2

Week 2 was little more fun because i introduced the Mills nutes into the program
like i said before super light on the feed Basis A&B n Start R
Purple Headband aka PH or Purple seems to be liking the EliteHP the most she freaking took off
Cherry Pie aka CP or Red is right behind her surprisingly..i was under the impression she would be vegging in slow motion
Spacegush aka SG or Blue is liking it and I've had problems with her in the past i have noticed that she really favors organics in my setup
Grape Stomper aka GS or Green is veggin the slowest don't know whats really going on with her but my bro said his is doing the same thing as well
misted girls again at the end of the week



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Little background info...

A lil more info i just got about the EliteHP

Baccto ELITE hp High Porosity 35/65 is a scientifically developed growing media for use in a wide range of indoor growing environments. ELITE hp High Porosity 35/65 is rich in horticultural sphagnum peat moss with 35% super coarse perlite added. The blend includes organic fertilizer with slow release nitrogen along with natural mycorrhizae and humates. It is pH buffed with dolomitic limestone for healthy plant growth. Baccto ELITE hp High Porosity 35/65 is a fast draining formula that is complete and ready to use right from the bag. No additional mixing or blending is required. pH stabilized with natural mycorrhizae and humates enhance absorption of water and nutrients


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Week 3

so with week 3 coming to an end here are a few pics and a lil summary of what i did in the garden this week

on Monday i topped and chopped the girls to make clones to keep my perpetual going
got two feedings in this week one tea the other Mills..i will also be feeding again after this post
*I'm noticing the Spacegush SG stems are super purple I'm going to up the calmag dosage i've been giving her..I'm sure the purpling is from the new RO and her OG influence her genetics are Cataract Kush x Grape Stomper OG



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just went into the veg tent and noticed how light in color the PurpleHeadband medium is compared to the other girls..i like how noticeably the color fades to let me know moisture levels..I'll post some comparison pics later on tonight after i feed...

i'm in week 4 now so I'm gonna go a little more aggressive on the feed I'm thinking Basis A&B-8ml..Start R-4ml..calmag-15-20ml..photo+30..Prime-2ml..budswel-15..sea green-.5ml n a drop of SuperVit Boom!!

gonna bump up the Base to 1oml mid week

I'm also noticing the PH is doing some weird discoloration type shit on her leaves:hmmmm:..I'm gonna lay off the foliar with her for a while..will post pics later


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Nug of the Month: Oct 2014 - Plant of the Month: Nov 214
No worries man.

Much love and respect brother
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