Doctor Trevor's CB Dutch Treat: Thelma & Louise

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What strain is it? CB Dutch Treat
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Dimensions of grow space? 48” x 48” x 72”
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil, what is in your mix? Foxfarm Ocean Forest
If soil, What size pot? 1 pint (to be transpotted to one gallon Smart pots at a later date, and then to five gallon pots)
Size of light? 1 x 1000W, a 600W for later on
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? 75 degrees F
RH of Room/cab? not controlled
How often are you watering? Bi-weekly, as needed
Type and strength of nutes used? Foxfarm Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom, following FF schedule, Terpinator (as needed)

I decided to try autos as part of the summer crop; I'll be starting some Blue Dream (photo) in a day or two.

I chose CB Dutch Treat as the strain is sativa-dominant (80/20) and is 4% THC and 8% CBD. This will be mostly for pain management.
Why will you be dropping from a 1,000-watt light to a 600-watt one? The latter is really only adequate for a square meter. 1,000 watts of light will be perfect for a 16 square foot space, especially since you've indicated that you're running it in an air-cooled reflector. You should even be able to flower photoperiodic sativas in there with 62.5 watts per square foot. Leaf burn shouldn't be a problem (you'll probably be able to place your hand directly underneath the glass in your reflector without discomfort), but watch for bleaching.

Maybe dial the fan speed down on your exhaust fan enough to allow the temperature to rise some, so as to allow your plants to make full use of the light-energy.

Good luck with your garden!
Yikes, are you trying to grow them or cook them?
Er... Even when people were "only" using HID lighting, the general rule was a minimum of 30 watts per square foot for the growth phase, and 50 watts per square foot for the flowering phase. Now, a lot of people are using LED lighting, and (assuming a high quality product, good spectral output, etc.) many of them are somewhat more efficient than the traditional HIDs.

Look at the Mars Hydro TS-1000. Mid-tier manufacturer, and one of the most inexpensive lights the company sells, at only approximately $140US (less than a dollar per watt). It's only a 150-watt device, yet a lot of people use it in a 2'x2' grow tent. That works out to just 37.5 watts per square foot. However, people are getting harvests, and seem to be happy.

What kind of lighting are you using, HID (HPS or MH) or LED? If the latter, what brand and model?
Do you know how many watts your lights actually pull?
The light is a Covert LED-X 250 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light. It came with the tent.

Huh. My eyesight must be worse than I thought, because I thought for sure that I read in a previous post that you had a 1,000-watt light in your tent (and that you were planning to add a 600-watt one, too) :rolleyes: .

Yeah, you're going to need more light, if you're hoping for a 4'x4' tent full of dense bud. From the PAR charts I saw on Hydrobuilder's website, I might run it in a 3'x3' tent to grow autoflowering strains @ 18 or 20 hours of light per day.

To clarify, you can use it in a 4'x4' tent, and you would get a harvest of bud. I'm of the opinion that the seller is one of the (large) group that markets their lights as if they're capable of doing a good job in a larger space than they actually are. There's a lot of that going around. I picked up an AC Infinity Ionboard S44, a 400-watt LED grow light that's advertised for (and which their support person stated to me in an email conversation) a 4'x4' space. It'll be going in one that's a square meter (39"x39", or 10.5625 square feet) - and it's not going to be overpowering that space. . . .
LMAO. Yeah, happens to us all, at one point or another.
Five days ago, I placed the girls are in one-pint disposable soup containers (a la Chinese takeout containers). The containers have holes in them and go into identical containers to catch the drainage. Both have broken soil after two days.

I've sprayed them with a little water every few hours.
SPECIAL NOTE: I said in the opening thread that these seeds were autos. In actuality, they are not.
Today is the first feeding of Thelma and Louise. I mixed 1.5 teaspoons of Big Bloom in a quart of water and adjusted the pH to 6.23. They're each between .5 and .75 inches tall.
Watering day for the girls. They each took for ounces of water before there was run-off. Both look good.
Today I upgraded the light in my grow tent to a Mars-Hydro TS3000. Hooray!

Today was also feeding day for the girls. I mixed 2 teaspoons of Big Bloom in six cups of water and adjusted the pH to 6.21. I fed them.

Louise's roots are already poking out through her pots drainage holes. One root extends by two inches.
four ounces before there was run off.
Watered Thelma and Louise, today. They each took five ounces before there was run-off.

Both are looking healthy with some nice root development.
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