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Doctor Trevor's Dark Angel Journal: Taija & Stacy

Doctor Trevor

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What strain is it? Dark Angel
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid 50/50
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Dimensions of grow space? 48” x 24” 60”
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil, what is in your mix? Foxfarm Ocean Forest
If soil, What size pot? 1 gallon
Size of light? 1000W
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? 65 degrees F
RH of Room/cab? 45
PH of media or res?
Any Pests ? no
How often are you watering? Weekly (roughly)
Type and strength of ferts used? Foxfarm Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom, following FF schedule.

6/6/20 Started germinating two seeds (Taija and Stacy) at about 7:00pm (soaking in spring water). Followed the germination guidelines from cropkingseeds.com. On 6/7/20, about 11:00am, I removed both seeds from the water and placed them in some damp paper towel, resting on a saucer. Frequently added water to keep the towel damp.

Both seeds started sprouting within a day....

6/10/20 Both tap roots were between 2/3 and 3/4 inches long.

Filled two 1 gallon cloth pots halfway with FF Ocean Forest soil. Gently poured about a cup of spring water in each pot, moistening the majority of the soil's surface. Topped off pots with more soil and sprinkled another cup of water around the seeds.

Placed both pots in the tent, on top of milk crates. Placed the light about 18” above the soil surface and is set to run 18 hours a day on veg. Ambient temperature is 68 degrees. crop3-1.jpegcrop3-2.jpegcrop3-3.jpegcrop3-4.jpegcrop3-5.jpeg

Doctor Trevor

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From the Better Late Than Never Department...

From June 11th to June 14th, I gave Taija and Stacy spritz of water six times a day, as per Emilya's advice (shout out to EMILYA!). On Sunday, both plants broke the soil.

I mixed two tablespoons of FF Big Bloom in a gallon of water. Each plant received a half gallon of the nute solution, a pint at a time with a short break between each feeding.

Lighting hasn't changed in the tent.

Temperature fluctuation is something of a problem as the room that the tent is in has windows facing west. Even with the curtains drawn, it gets hot in there for a few hours. I turn on a a/c in the room and turn it off at night so the room doesn't get too cold.


Doctor Trevor

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Maybe the weed is just making me paranoid... but I have to wonder how Taija and Stacy are doing after eleven days. They seem taller than my previous girls at this age, but their leaves aren't as big.

A couple of things I'm doing differently now:

I'm starting these plants with a 1000W lamp from Giixer. I was using a 600W lamp at the start of the previous plants and stepped up after six or eight weeks.

The plants are sitting in one gallon smart pots. Previous ones were in three gallon smart pots.

Once I planted Taija and Stacy, I gently sprayed the soil with water a few times a day until they broke soil. I then watered them each with a half gallon of water with FF nutes. With Vanessa and Siobhan, I watered each plant with a gallon of water with FF nutes.
Am I just being paranoid? An overly-concerned father?

Doctor Trevor

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Today, I fed the girls. I mixed 2 tablespoons of Big Bloom in a gallon of water and split it between the two. I poured a pint at a time in each pot and waited a few minutes before I repeated it.

Both plants are smaller than their sisters were at the same time. By that, I mean the leaves are smaller; the stalks are as tall, if not taller. As you can see from the photos, the leaves look (and plants as a whole) look healthy. I'm guessing it's the light I am now using. The veg light seems to be just white LED lights. My previous light has a reddish tint in veg mode.


Doctor Trevor

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Added two tablespoons of Big Bloom and 2 teaspoons of Big Grow in a gallon of water and divided it up between Taija and Stacy. The girls are growing up fast!

Taija is already picking out what college she wants to attend. Stacy is showing poor judgement in the boys she dates. The last one, I think, uses the marijuana.


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Doctor Trevor

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Today, I flushed Taija and Stacy. Following the directions on the container, I mixed two teaspoons of Sledgehammer in a gallon of water and slowly poured it between the two. Afterwards, I slowly ran three gallons of water through each pot. I followed this up by mixing two tablespoons of Big Bloom and one tablespoon of Big Grow in a gallon of water and slowly poured it between the two.

Afterwards I trained Taija and Stacy. On Friday or Saturday, I plan on transplanting them from their one gallon cloth pots to the five gallon cloth pots I purchased. Now, however, I'm thinking that, maybe, I should go with three gallon pots. I've used them in the past with good luck; the Dark Angel strain doesn't grow more than two or three feet.

The leaves seem a little droopy on both plants. I'm guessing it's from overwatering and will cut back in the future.


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Doctor Trevor

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Eleven days ago, I flushed the girls...

Today, I started the LST training on them. Easy enough! I also fed the girls. Gave each of them a gallon of spring water that I mixed with 1 tbs of Big Bloom and 1 tbs of Big Grow.

Some of the leaves were looking a little leathery. These are the older and larger palm leaves; I assume this is the norm. The stalks all look healthy.


Doctor Trevor

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Today, I transpotted Taija and Stacy to larger pots!

For the sake of science and my own personal growth, I have transpotted Taija from a one gallon cloth pot to a five gallon cloth pot. Stacy was trannspotted from a one gallon cloth to a three gallon cloth pot. My goal? To see if the larger pot will produce more bud.

I started with Stacy...

I added three inches of FF F&F soil into the receiving pot. I moistened the soil with a plant sprayer just so there is non 'moister shock.' As Stacy's roots were growing through the cloth pot she was in, I cut the pot away and scooped Stacy up and put her in her new home.

The transplanting wasn't perfect. Stacy now sits at an angle; I don't see this being a problem. As her roots grow into her new home, and she grows a bit, I expect her to straighten out. The three gallon pot did not give me enough room to work my hands in the transpotting.

I filled the new pot with FF Ocean and Forest (the soil I've been using all along), making sure there were no air pockets along the sides of the pot. I then continued with her LST; I started this a week ago.

For Taija, I did the same as with Stacy. The only difference is that I moved her to a five gallon cloth pot. Everything else is the same, including her LST.

For their next feeding, Taija will get 50% more water and nutes as Stacy due to all the extra soil.

I noticed that the old cloth pots have residue along the bottom (see photo). I assume this is merely old nutes that got caught in the pot fabric. If I am wrong, please let me know.


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Doctor Trevor

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Today, I fed each girl a tb of Big Bloom and a tb of Grow Big, dissolved in a gallon of water.

I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised with the girls' growth since the transpotting. I will post photos tomorrow. I'm surprised by how different the two are. Taija is more of a thick bush while Stacy is taller and much more spread out.

I'll post photos tomorrow.

Doctor Trevor

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Today, I fed each girl a tb of Big Bloom and a tb of Grow Big, dissolved in a gallon of water. This will be the last time, I will feed them this nutrient amount (I extending the feeding schedule by two weeks).

The girls look very heathy at this stage. Their sizes concern me a little, though. Stacy is much taller than Taija. And much more open. Taija is much bushier. Stacy is also beginning to flower, which slightly confuses me. The two are the same strain and followed the same feeding schedule and dates. I find it weird that they would look so different.

Tomorrow, I will prune them a little.
stacy1-073020.jpgstacy2-073020.jpgT & S-073020.jpgtaija1-073020.jpgtaija2-073020.jpgtaija3-073020.jpg

Doctor Trevor

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I gave both girls haircuts, today.

I thought it funny that I clipped twice the leaves off of Taija than I did Stacy (no before pics of Stacy. sorry). I did not see any discoloration in the leaves that would indicate nute deficiency. At the end of the week, I'll be putting on the bloom light with the veg light. Stacy is already blooming.


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Doctor Trevor

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Today, I flushed the girls. They each received a 1/4 teaspoon of Sledgehammer mixed in a gallon of water. Afterwards, the soil was flushed with 15 gallons of water (for Taija's five gallon pot) and 9 gallons (for Stacy's three gallon pot). I finished up by feeding each of them three teaspoons of Big Bloom, two teaspoons of Grow Big and 2 teaspoons of Tiger Bloom.

Usually, about this time, I see signs of calcium deficiency; I do not see it yet.

Tomorrow, I turn on the bloom light.


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Ive read your journal Im just curious how 1 is in bloom and the others not if your still using an 18hr light schedule both plants should be in veg till you switch your light schedule to 12hrs on. This typically triggers photo period plants into bloom. Are your seeds autoflower?


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You wouldn’t want to do any trimming to the plant in flower because once a plants in flower its not going to stretch and branch out anymore its going to bloom and finish its natural cycle to maturity.

Doctor Trevor

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I did switch to twelve hours to a twelve hour light schedule on 7/22. Looking through my log, I realize I did not mention that.

Here are pics of the girls that I just took.


Doctor Trevor

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Today, I fed each of the girls 3 teaspoons of Big Bloom and 2 teaspoons of Tiger Bloom. Both look very healthy, though Taija has not started blooming yet; Stacy started blooming about two weeks ago. I actually checked to make sure Taija wasn't a he (see photos).

I'm pretty convinced they are different strains (they shouldn't be).

Feedback, opinions and thoughts are appreciated!


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Doctor Trevor

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Just looked at the girls (and they are girls). Taija is just beginning to flower and I don't see any bananas. See photos.

I'm concerned as I was scheduled to shut off the veg light and leave the bloom light on twelve hours a day. Should I hold off a little? Stacy has been flowering for two week, at least.
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