Doctor Trevor's Dark Angel Journal: Velma & Daphne

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What strain is it? Dark Angel
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Hybrid 50/50
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Dimensions of grow space? 48” x 24” 60”
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil, what is in your mix? Foxfarm Ocean Forest
If soil, What size pot? 1 quart (to be transpotted to three gallon Smart pots at a later date)
Size of light? 2 x 600W
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? 65 degrees F
RH of Room/cab? 45
PH of media or res?
Any Pests ? no
How often are you watering? Weekly (roughly)
Type and strength of ferts used? Foxfarm Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom, following FF schedule, Terpinator.

Sunday night, 11/8/20, I started the germination process by soaking the seeds in spring water for six hours. I then placed said seeds in a sheet of paper towel and kept it moist and at room temperature. At 8:00am, today, 11/11/20 the tap roots were less than a quarter of an inch long each. As I was preparing for bed, at 11:00pm, I took a look at the seeds. Both tap roots were an inch long.

Each seed was planted in a 32 ounce plastic pot (Chinese food containers, actually) that I pre-drilled with small holes on the bottom for drainage. I used these containers so I could tell when it was time to transpot. The soil is Fox Farms Ocean Forest, which I moistened prior to planting.

The pots are wrapped in aluminum foil to protect the roots from the light. I currently have only one light on (veg) them. This light is about a foot above the soil. I will put the second one on after the seeds break soil. Timer is currently set for eighteen hours of light a day.

For the next three days, I will spritz the soil with water, several times a day.

I've named the girls Velma and Daphne in honor of Ken Spears, a co-creator of Scooby Doo, who passed away this week.
The girls broke soil yesterday!

I stopped spritzing them with a plant sprayer and started giving them nutes dissolved in spring water. I mixed 3 teaspoons of FF's Big Boom and 2 teaspoons of Terpinator. I adjusted the pH of the solution so it was 6.3.

Velma took eight ounces of solution before she ran off anything. Daphne, on the other hand, began her run off after six ounces. I fed each plant two ounces of solution at a time and waited five minutes before feeding anymore. I thought it weird that Velma would take that much more than Daphne, given they are both in 32 ounce pots.

I'm still using that mixture of nutes I made a week ago (using 3 teaspoons of FF's Big Boom and 2 teaspoons of Terpinator. I adjusted the pH of the solution so it was 6.3). Velma and Daphne each took ten ounces of solution before they ran off anything.

Last week one of my lights died on me. I replaced it with a Giixer 1000W light, bringing my wattage up to 1600. Hopefully this will not be too much for my 2' x 4' x 5' tent. The lights are about a foot above the plants.

Roots are showing alongside the plastic container. These containers are wrapped in aluminum foil so the lights do not burn the roots.

This past week, I gave the girls small spritzes of water. Today I fed, them a solution of 3 teaspoons of FF's Big Boom, 2 teaspoon of Grow Big and 2 teaspoons of Terpinator. I adjusted the pH of the solution so it was 6.3.

Feeding them a quarter cup of solution at a time, both plants took 1.5 cups of solution before there was run off. I gave them an additional 1/4 cup of solution and allowed them yo drain out the excess before returning them to their tent.

The two look healthy. Leaves are green and strong. The roots run down the pots (see photos). I will probably transpot in two weeks, after the roots grow a little further.




This past Tuesday (12/1/20), I watered the girls. Giving them two ounces at a time, and waiting five minutes between each drink, I was able to give them 8 ounces, each, before there was any runoff. Even at this point, I gave them an extra quarter cup.

Today (12/4/20) , I mixed the following in a half gallon of water: 3 teaspoons of Big Bloom, 1.5 teaspoons of Grow Big and 1 teaspoon of Terpenator. I fed each plant a half cup of the solution at a time and waited five minutes. After eight ounces, there was a little runoff from Daphne. After the third half cup, both girls produced run off.

Leaves and roots look fine. I can't help but notice the top .75 inches of soil always looks dry. The room my tent is in has a humidifier in it. Despite this, the humidity in the tent is still low, in the 30% range. This is why I use the plant sprayer.
D&V 12:4:20.jpg
Yesterday (12/7/20), I trained the girls, trimming the top of their main stalk.

Today, I flushed the two of them , each with three quarts of a Sledgehammer solution. Velma's leaves seemed a little droopy, compared to Daphne's. I believe she just needed water; I'll see how she looks tomorrow.
Today, I noticed that the leaves on both plants were drooping and the plant and soil and pot were light.

I mixed the following in a half gallon of water: 3 teaspoons of Big Bloom, 1.5 teaspoons of Grow Big and 1 teaspoon of Terpenator. I fed each plant a cup of the solution at a time and waited five minutes. After sixteen ounces, both girls produced run off. I fed them an additional eight ounces, let the run off finished and returned them to their tent.
Today, I gave each of the girls 12 ounces of water. I did so 4 ounces at a time. Run off started at 8 ounces.

Sunday, I shall transpot into three-gallon pots.
V&D 12:11:20.jpg
Today was transpot day for the girls. Daphne was going to a five gallon cloth pot and Velma a three gallon pot. I'm hoping to see, personally, what difference the size pots will have on the final product.

I filled each pot a little more than half way with FF Ocean Forest and added about a quart of water; I didn't want the girls to start out with a dry soil bed. After this, I filled the pots to the top and dug a hole in the middle.

Removing V&D from their quart pots was no problem; their soil was very dry. I gently placed them in their new homes and very gently packed the soil around them. I watered them with a quart of water each, getting as close to the stalks as possible.

I mixed a gallon of nute solution with a tablespoon of Big Bloom, a tablespoon of Grow Big and 2 teaspoons of Terpinator. I fed each girl a pint of the solution at a time, concentrating on the inner part of the pot than the outer part.

Prior to the transpotting, I noticed that the girls' leaves were drooping a little. The soil was very dry. The roots were not growing out of the drainage holes in their containers.





Today, I watered the girls.

Velma took 3 quarts (in her three gallon pot) before she started runoff. Daphne (in a five gallon pot) took just over four quarts before runoff.

I was hoping to start training them, but lost track of the time. I will do so when I next water and/or feed them.
Today, I started training the girls, which is always fun. As someone else said, they are bushy!

I noticed that Daphne's five gallon cloth pot was moist on the bottom; Velma's three gallon pot was not. I plan to water both on Sunday depending on how they look.
Today, I mixed 6 teaspoons of Big Bloom, 4 teaspoons Grow Big, 4 teaspoons Tiger Bloom and 4 teaspoons of Terpinator in two gallons of water. Minor adjustment were made to bring the solution down to a pH of 6.3.

Daphne (in the five gallon pot) received 3.5 quarts of this solution. Velma (in the three gallon pot) received 3 quarts of the solution. They were each fed a pint at a time with a pause before the next feeding. I stopped feeding them when I saw significant run off.

LST continued as I moved the plant wires around.

Both plants are very bushy and robust-looking.

I reduced the veg light from 18 hours a day to 12 hours a day.




On December 27th, 2020, I prepared 3 gallons of nutrient solution (3 tablespoons of Big Bloom, 2 tablespoons of Tiger Bloom and 2 tablespoons of Terpinator. I slowly fed Daphne and Velma until a pint of nute solution drained out of each of them. The grow lights are on twelve hours a day.

On January 1st, 2021, I flushed both pots with a solution of Bush Doctor and Water.

Both plants look very healthy. I should be training them in a week and a half, or so.

daphne1 010121.jpg

daphne2 010121.jpg

velma1 010121 .jpg

velma2 010121.jpg
Today, I prepared 3 gallons of nutrient solution (3 teaspoons of Big Bloom, 2 teaspoons of Grow Big, 2 teaspoons of Tiger Bloom and 2 tablespoons of Terpinator per gallon). Prior to feeding the girls, I lollipopped them. My thought: why feed leaves I'm just gonna remove.

Velma, in her three quart pot, took just under a gallon of solution before significant run off; Daphne, in her five gallon pot, took five quarts before significant runoff. Redid the LST on both of them.




Today was feeding/nute day.

I made three gallons of nute solution, containing three teaspoons of Big Bloom, two teaspoons of Grow Big, two teaspoons of Tiger Bloom, two tablespoons of Terpinator and .5 teaspoons of Open Sesame per gallon of water (pH controlled).

The girls are growing very big. They are blooming and I am very happy.

maybe, next week, I'll post photos.
I didn't post from this week's earlier interaction, so here is everything from the past few days:

Tuesday: I turned on the bloom light. It now runs 12/12 with the veg light.

I watered both Velma and Daphne. Both took about a gallon of water before it ran. Velma, in the smaller pot, always seems drier than Daphne, in the larger pot. I've decided, after consulting those on this site, to put the girls on separate watering/feeding schedules. Right now, Velma get it every four days and Daphne gets it every five.

This, I'm sure, will change.

And here are some pics of Velma:


Forgot to mention that, on January 22, I fed Velma a gallon of nute solution, containing three teaspoons of Big Bloom, two teaspoons of Grow Big, two teaspoons of Tiger Bloom, two tablespoons of Terpinator and .5 teaspoons of Open Sesame.

Run-off began after I (gently and slowly) poured 3.5 quarts of nute solution.
Velma's rockin' it pretty good over here, Doc!
I stop by the off topic thread every day for a chuckle, and you always deliver- thanks for all the funny stuff!
Thanks Carcass. I appreciate the compliment.

Today, I fed Daphne (the plant in the five gallon pot) a nute solution of one table of Big Bloom, two teaspoons of Tiger Bloom, 2 tablespoons of Terpinator and half a teaspoon of Open Sesame, mixed in a gallon of water. The pH was adjusted to about 6.3.

Daphne took about five quarts of this solution (I made extra) before there was significant run off.

I was hoping she, or Velma, would be ready for a party I'm attending in early March, but this won't be the case. Fortunately, I have plenty from my last batch left.


Last Tuesday, I water Velma. Forgot to enter that. Daphne seemed very dry this time around. I was surprised how light she was.

Today, I mixed the following in 2.5 gallons of water:
2.5 tablespoons of Big Bloom;
5 teaspoons of Tiger Bloom;
5 tablespoons of Terpinator;
1.25 teaspoons of Open Sesame;
1.25 teaspoons of Beastie Bloom;
some GH pH Down to bring the pH down to about 6.25.

I slowly fed the girls about 10 ounces of nute solution at a time, making sure all of the soil got wet.

With my past plants, I've had to add a little CalMag about this point. To date, I have not seen any spotting on the leaves. I did a little more LST on both plants.






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