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Doctors Eidelman and Weiss

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Hello just going share my experience with 2 doctors that I have gone through.
I got my first recommendation through Doctor Eidelman he has a nice office upstairs in Hollywood. He charges $250 for a recommendation. He was a very nice man asked me why I wanted to use medical marijuana and if I had tried other things besides smoking.
As with most doctors he wanted a history of a problem which I had. This makes things allot easier I noticed as I have friends who have there card but did not have medical history of there problem. I went to renew my card through Doctor Eidelman even though I had met other doctors in my times working for a co-op. He still wanted $250 just for my renewal which I think is too much for a renewal.
I then went to Doctor Wiess. A very understanding doctor who actually while working with MMF went to another collective to help a friend of mine out who was having problems having his rights recognized.
Doctor Wiess does appointments from his house in Venice it is $150 for a consolation and 100 for renewals.
Both take appointments from 11-5 m-f
both will want some type of record to prove that you have ailment but this doesnt mean if you don’t have paper work you can get a recommendation it just makes thing a little easier.
if you have any question about getting your medical card or about my doctors and experience's feel free to send me a message as the only reason I am on any forums is to help others and in return maybe when I need it I can get help too!
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