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Doctors Prescribing Higher, And Higher, Doses Of Marijuana

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Canadian doctors have been increasing daily dosages of marijuana for patients using cannabis for medical purposes, Health Canada reports. The increase in prescribed dosages is noted in a recent report on the views of physicians regarding the use of marijuana, adding this information "surprised" most doctors when they were told during interviews.

It said the doctors identified seven "logical" explanations for the trend, including the perception Health Canada marijuana is "not as potent" as that produced and grown by patients or their suppliers.

Completed by Montreal-based Les Études de marché Créatec, the study found physicians were unclear about Health Canada's maximum dosage recommendation, stating "not one participant was able to guess the maximum level." For most doctors, the report said, overdose was not a concern or even a consideration.

The study found unanimous agreement and even "enthusiastic support" among doctors for Health Canada to begin supplying dried marijuana to pharmacists trained to dispense it to patients, although they suggested the quality be improved and the price be reduced while insuring that medical insurance programs cover the cost.

The reporting of the so-called trend follows Health Canada's campaign last summer to keep doses below five grams, which included postings on its website referring to studies which indicated most medical users need only one to three grams daily.

Source: Montreal Gazette
Copyright: 2008, Ottawa Citizen
Contact: JACK AUBRY, Canwest News Service
Website: Doctors prescribing higher, and higher, doses of marijuana


People have been complaining for years about the quality of government pot.Just proves that the government could fuck up the lords prayer.Most users of medical marijuana go black market to save money as you have to burn so much government weed.I guess the doctors are just trying to give their patients a legal option that works for them.:smokin2:
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