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Does a Homemade Yeast/Sugar Co2 Generator really increase yeild


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Hey everybody, Does anyone know if the homemade Yeast+Sugar+Water Co2 Generator really helps, and is it worth it? Increase Yield ? Anyone have maybe an experimental grow that can compare a plant that had the Homemade Co2 and one without, and see each's yield? Ex: Size of Generator, Size Room, # of Plants, Weight of Yeild W/ Co2 Geny, Weight of Yeild W/o Co2 Geny? Does adding Co2 help alot in General? Significantly? If it does help, what was your recipe for the amounts of Yeast, Sugar, and Water?

Thanks Everybody,
- Blayzed :ganjamon:

Droopy Dog

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Sounds good, but it doesn't work.

But, you could always experiment and see for yourself.

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