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Does anyone add epsom salt to reservoir or hand water with it?


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I am growing autos with a 240w kingbrite led quantum board and every plant I have grown has had what looks like magnesium deficiencies regardless of the nutrients I use. I have read that led quantum board lights sometimes make the plants need more magnesium. I do not want to use calmag. I do have epsom salt. I have read you can do it in a foliar spray but I have low humidity in the tent like around 50% and I have read that foliar works better in higher humidity. I want to try mixing epsom salt in the water I feed the plants with. I am planning to use autopots for it on there.

Do any of you put epsom salt in the water in your reservoir or in the water you hand water your plants with? How much per gallon and do you do it for the whole grow or do you do some watering with epsom salt in the water and some without it in the water on there?


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Thanks. When you put it in the water that you water with how long does it usually take to start seeing a difference from the magnesium deficiency on there?

Herby Paisley

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I have used 1 teaspoon of epsom salt to 1 gallon of water and its worked fine for me, I just add it in whenever I see an issue of low mag starting to show up. :)
...Sorry forgot to add, I'm running a DWC system, I premix the epson salt with the one gallon of correct ph water and then I put it strait into the Reservoir.
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