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Does anyone think bongs give a body buzz.


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i recently have smoked out of my friends new atx bong its 3 ft tall and purple i smoked 3 huge pack ups and i was GONE..i was watching the willy wonka and the chaocalte factory 2 when this was happen that looks awesome stoned....but does anyone eles agree with me that you get a body buzz from bongs....???>

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Re: does anyone thing Bongs Give a Body buzz.

I think it's the kind of pot you smoked, or you smoked too much.

Bongs usually get me very high, but each strain gives a different high.


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^ I agree, bongs just hit you harder cause your lungs fill with more smoke volume, that and bongs make you cough a lot more often cause its got that cool creepin choke to it, where you hit that bitch and then 1-2 seconds after the hit, you feel that choke comin on.

God Im high...lol
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