Does hydrogen peroxide increase nutrient uptake?

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I recently added hydrogen peroxide to my reservoirs because the place I bought my clones from probably didn't sterilize their propagation equipment because I started to get the brown slime on the roots and it was originating from the grow plug.

Anyways I added less than the recommended amount just to be safe since it was my first time using it. I added ut on monday night, and when I came home yesterday 2 of my plants were showing signs of nute burn. Not sure if it means anything but the 2 plants that had it were my smaller low growing plants.

I diluted the reservoir with ph 5.7 water to bring the ppm down from 1100 to 700. Hopefully that will stop the burn.

So does hydrogen peroxide have an affect on nutrient uptake?
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H2O2 will kill any beneficial bacteria you might have had in your reservoir. If you have killed the rot, and removed the source of it, I would now use something along the lines of Hydroguard or Z7 to rebuild the healthty bacteria your plants/roots need.
drained my buckets cleaned them and the air stones with h2o2, filled them with RO water PH to 5.3, 500ppm on the nutes, replaced the air hoses and added hydroguard. 3 of the plants that had very minimal rot look great. nice healthy roots. I was worried because the h2o2 made them shed like 25% of the roots but they recoved. The one plant that had rot the worst isn't recovering. I took it out and removed as much of the rockwool plug as I could since it was the source of the rot and cleaned off and removed all the dead roots and soaked it in h2o2 diluted water. I'm hoping it will grow a new root system. If it doesn't in the next week I'm just going to toss it to make room for the others to grow and fill the space.

Is it possible to take clones from the weak plant? It has about 4 clonable shoots.