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Does my NL Auto 4wk old look ok to you guys?

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What the title says really? She's had preflowers for about a week but I'm concerned that she's stretched too much, what do you guys think?

I'm a first time grower, also I thought she would be a bit bushier.
Need better picture bro but by the look she look nice for one month old try training her and before flowering her leave her one month more so she can grow strong and big
If you don't top you will have only one main stem if you top her two new main stems will grow with means more buds and it won't grow to tall but more buds
Not necessarily. The two new stems will be smaller colas as if you just had the one main cola. Most of the times this is the case and you will get the same yield. The main reason for topping is to keep an even canopy for even light distribution.


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If i were you i would leave her as she is, i only ever grow northern lights, with a good light untrained can yield you a good 4+, simply wait till she starts pre flower and lolipop her, works great!

Just remember autos have 1 set life span and if you stress her due to training you have a greater chance of making them hermies.