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Does my plants get "stressed" with different light spectrums?


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Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum =) I have heard that you guys on this forum really know your stuff, so I'll try get some tips here =)

I'm on my 4. grow, and this is the first time I have "proffesional" gear. (growtent, carbone filter, fertilizers and so on)

I have a growtent (darkroom 100x100x180), and inside i have 5 BigBud and 2 jack herer ( both from sensiseed). I also have one lemmon skunk from green house. The jacks and lemmon skunk are from cuttings, and the bigbud is seeds.

The plants are in the second week of flowering and I have a 600W HPS with the red light spectrum bulb for flowering. I also have a 400W hps witch I used under vegging with a blue light spectrum.

The other day I also placed the 400W HPS inside the tent in a atemt to get even more yield.

I have 3 questions I hope somebody here can help me with please =)

1. When using 2 lamps in a grow tent under flowering, what wil gain most yield: mixed lig(one with red and one with blue light over the same plant) OR both with the red light spectrum?

2. Does the plants get "stressed" if I use both spectrums at the same time, and is there any chance that they can turn out hermies if i do so?

3. After a few houres with both the lamps the temp in the tent is getting pretty high. Areound 31 C* at the most :S I know this is a little to much, but i have a little problem pumping in cold air to the room the tent stands in. So I was also wondering if the plants get stressed is I have the 600W on 12 houres and also have the 400w hanging in the tent but only having it turned on, say like 4-6 houres of the 12 houres cycle?

Is the last even reccomended? Or should I just keep the 600W in the tent and skip the 400w?


Frodo :tokin:

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The mixed spectrum won't hurt, I do this myself with good results.

Those high temps WILL hurt and you need to get that right, right away.



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Thank you for answering :)

How about having a 600W on 12 hours and my 400W with blue spectrum turning on a coulpe of hours at the same time now and then? Wil this stress the plants? As long as its withing the 12 hour cycle and it completly dark the other 12?

Anyone knows? :peace2:
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