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Does synthetic urine really work to pass drug test?


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after 7 months clean(my own personal record) and not a single call for an interview,i decided last month to get a half oz. of some god bud and smoked it up, now my problem is i actually got a call offering me a job and know that there is no way to pass the ptest with my own pee. so i was wandering if anyone has experiance using synthetic urine and how it worked out for ya?
knowing people who already work there i know it'll be a quality lab test being done, they called today and offered me the posistion depending on my results from a drug,vision,hearing, and chiropractic tests. the h/r lady said she'll make my appointments and call me back tomorrow with appt. times and days. i know of a local store that sells a few differant brands of synthetic urine and various other drug test cheat methods. the last time i needed a job was soo long ago that a guy could drink enough water to piss straight water and no one was any wiser but i know that these days they actually check for that kinda thing, so i wander if they actually check for synthetic urine or if it just may work.


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Hey green...I've used the syntethic urine before with no problem. Not sure which brand it was but it came in what looked to be a visine bottle with no label and a thermometer right on the bottle. Also came with a strap for your leg. The most important thing to remember is the temperature. Temps should be right at your body temp(around 98.6), they give you a few hundreths of a degree either way but the test facility will immediately check temp just to make sure it's yours. Another thing to consider is if anyone is going to be in the stall with you. Many places now require you to urinate with a tech in the stall so they can see if you're trying to cheat the test. I was lucky as they only asked me to leave the door open which was no problem as I had the synthetic urine strapped to my thigh. Definitely works 100% though without fault.
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