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Does this sound like good light system


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2' T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture 96w 6400k 3000k.

-UL Certificate.
-High Output! 8,000 lumens!
-Perfect for indoor or undercover using.
-Built-in durable digital ballast for stable light output effect.
-6400K color temperature fluorescent tubes provide blue spectrum, offer the perfect spectrum to promote plant green and lush.
-3000K color temperature fluorescent tubes provide orange or red spectrum, especially good for the flowering, budding or fruiting stages of plant.
It's like the light spectrum of sunlight in late autumn to promote plants flower or fruit.
-Durable Steel Construction with American Aluminum Reflector and white stoving varnish surface.
-American aluminum mirror reflector offers 95% reflectivity & super diffusion.
The higher reflectivity of reflector, the stronger intensity of light.
Higher efficient than other ordinary rough aluminum or metal reflector.
-Can keep the excellent reflective effect and hardly stick fingerprint on.
You can wipe it with clean rag if needed.
-Much safer! Advanced open-type reflector design can make the ballast and light tubes cool.
-Lower heated T5 light will protect your plants or fishes/aquatic well.
It's good for absorbing light to hang T5 light near your plants or fishes.
Much lower heat and better than hps or mh light when close to plants or fishes.
-Can be hanged horizontally or vertically.
-Come with two Steel Hooks for hanging.
-The lumen, lifetime and stability of T5 light is better than those of T8 light.
-Better effect for Coral, Float grass, and Alga to promote better growth than other T5 grow light panels.
-Easy to install and use, plugging into the electric outlet(120V) directly.
Benefits for Plants:

-Can be used to control sprouting in hydroponics.
-Offer perfect spectrum for the growing, flowering and fruiting stages of plants.
-Energy saving! The input power of our T5 light can be converted into light energy for more plant chlorophyll production.
-No infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation to destroy your plants.
-The best lighting time for plant growing should be 10-14hrs.

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Go with CFL's, they will be your best bet for that requirement. Many CFL grow journals you can reference as well.


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You can get a 250 or 400 watt hps from one of the sponsors or just shopping around for around that price. But remember you get what you give. If you buy a good bulb for a extra 50 or 60 bucks it will be well worth it... I have 90000 lumens on 2 plants and I know I don't need all the light but my yield is looking like it's going to be pretty big. Check my journal out if you want and look at my lighting. I'm using a 600 watt hps system with a optilume bulb and just a regular batwing reflector and it cost me around 150 or 160$
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