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Dog treats

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Hi :) I want to make some "treats" for my dog who is 15 and a few ailements, hips, knees, and other things. "Doggie treats" were recommended to me from a few people but nobody really knows a recipe. I don't want to make them to strong but still strong enough to help him. Thanks!


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NEVER give your dog any type of MJ, smoke, edibles, treats or extracts, ever. MJ is toxic to dogs and to cats. They are not humans, and so please do not treat them as such, regardless of your intentions. For that matter, chocolate is also highly toxic to dogs, along with onions/garlic and raw fish. I raised livestock guardian dogs professionally for many years in Southern Oregon where I also grew a lot of weed. The two do not mix.


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I don't agree. Non-psychoactive CBD oil can make wonders with your pet. Some examples in this article for the proof
Proof? Sorry.... I do not agree. If you do not believe me, believe what a large number of vets say:

Treating Marijuana Toxicity - Veterinary Practice News - July 2011
Marijuana Toxicity in Pets: Way More Scary Than Funny
Marijuana, pot or weed - it's toxic to pets. 24 hour emergency vet in Edmonton discusses.

and many many more. Do a Google search. Also much of the so-called CBD strains and oil tested by the Feds lately actually has upward of 2% THC in it. So be advised. I know people that give their dogs chocolate too, and swear it is good for them too. Plain and simple, it is not.


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It seems I have a lot of reading to do.
I hate to break it to you but all vets are taught animal health and nutrition by Dog Food companies. These same people say that raw food is unsafe for your pet. Total Bullshit. Take cancer doctors for example who tell you that we are going to cure your cancer with toxic radiation... This is a topic that needs way more investigation instead of relying on the lies that have been spread about this amazing plant.
I wouldn't give my dogs anything if I'm not sure of the health affects and toxicity. I haven't red about this enough to say one way or another. But still please educate your self properly before doing so. I wouldn't use my dogs as a testing subjects. they are too dear to me.

This is kind of trivial but BigSur I don't know where you get that raw fish is poisonous for dogs? (maybe some exotic ones might be). Ordinary salmon for sure is not toxic to dogs. Yes they can get parasites and that way be even deadly to your pets, but the raw fish itself is not poisonous.
it is def. not okay to give your dog marijuana.
no matter if it helps or doesn't help, good or bad for their health, they, as conscious beings are unaware that there is a psychoactive substance in their food and is probably terrifying to them when randomly they start getting what potentially could be hallucinogenic effects.
I am sorry you feel this way. But why would a dog beg for something he doesn't like. Mine will sit there looking at me until I give her a leaf, stem or drop some while loading. I think you are putting to much human thought into this.
I figure ultimately all you can do is trial and error and see what happens, did you ever get updates on this Chanceman and determine whether pets can have dog treats with Cannabis or not? From reading above I honestly got mixed opinions too. Although I don't have a dog currently, it would be good to know for the future whether it would be safe or not for them!
BonzaSeedBank - keep your doodles in fit condition, that should help with hip problems. I have an old dog that has been getting various treatments for her end stage ailments, a vet finally prescribed a cannabis preparation. Dosages are very small, too much THC affects coordination and psyche. The cannabis oil is just one part of many things to keep her happy and comfortable, exercise and diet played a huge part for much of her life. Keep your dogs fit (with a defined waist) throughout their lives will help the most.