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Doggy Daddy's Dive Into Coco

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Doggie Daddy

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So I've been lucky enough to be on this forum for a few months now and I've learned so much from all of you helpful growers. I've harvested 3 plants so far and have not been very happy with my resulting yields. But I hope to change that dramatically with this grow. All 3 were bagseed but we're working with Nirvana seeds this go around. Anyways here is the important info:

2'x20"x4' diy veg box for vegging (duh)
4" duct booster and 6" clip on fan
The box is lined with that bubble wrap shit that's reflective on both sides.
Lights: Four 23w equivalent cfl bulbs in a heat lamp reflector from the depot

Strains: Northern light, Ak-48 and White Rhino. One of each

Medium: Rehydrated coco from the pet store and Miracle Gro perlite. 80-20

Temps: 73-84f
Rh: 30-50 (kinda low atm)

Nutrients: MammothP, Mad Farmer silica, GH Flora Trio and Botanicare Cal Mag
GH ph up and down with test drops (need to recalibrate my ph pen)

Solo cups


32"x32"x5' grow tent

Lights: Two 300w led's

4" Ipower inline fan and filter

6" clip on fan

2' tower fan

3 gallon Smart Pots
This will definitely be a whole new ball game for me since I've only grown in soil so any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated.
So I germed all 3 seeds in a paper towel in my humidity some. They took about a day to show some healthy tap roots, then into Jiffy pellets they went and back into the dome. All of them broke ground on 9/24/17. I'm calling that Day 1. Here they are in the veg box. They are currently on a 18/6 lighting schedule.

From left to right: White Rhino, AK-48, Northern Light. As you can see the NL is very long. I tried to bury the stem more but that's as good as I could get it. When they are ready to transplant they'll go into there final homes in 3 gallon Smart Pots. So there it is. I appreciate anyone stopping by to chat and help me out. I can take criticism and love to bounce ideas back and forth so I'm looking forward to this journey. Happy growing everyone!
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Doggie Daddy

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Thanks PW. Glad to have you here. The NL had a massive tap root that I couldn't quite fit in the pellet. I was trying not to damage it and forgot to dig a deeper hole. My dumb ass.
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Doggie Daddy

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I came home tonight and adjusted my fan a little to give the plants a little more of a breeze like PW recommended. Apparently coco dries out a bit quicker I noticed so I gave them a bit of ph'd water at around 5.9. I won't feed them for another week or so depending on what they're telling me.

This is the nute line up I'm using in the order that I mix it. I've heard to apply silica first because of the ph spike. Any advice on that being true would definitely help since silica is new to my nute solution. I use the ph down after I mix my nutes btw.
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Doggie Daddy

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See one with abit of stretch but other then that looking good. Pulling up my chair to watch this grow. Subbed.
Pull up a chair man! I'm glad to have you on board for this journey. The stretched NL was not quite buried enough in her peat pellet. It was a dumb shit move on my part but she hasn't stretched much since yesterday. I'm keeping the lights close just for that reason.
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Doggie Daddy

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Seedlings are so fucking boring in the beginning. They're kinda cute though. I swear I check on them every hour to see if anything has changed lol. Couple pics of the kids:


I tried plucking the shell off with tweezers but didn't want to fuck with her too much. Eventually she'll grow out of it.

Note to self: never put seeds in hot soil. This is a WR that I was hoping to enter into the Red Cup challenge. She's like 3 weeks old. I think the chicken shit in the soil just created too much nitrogen for these seedlings. The WR is starting to get greener but the NL that I started at the same along with her was trashed tonight. She was fried to a crisp.
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Doggie Daddy

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My bad. That's the healthy NL in coco. Here's her evil sister

And a couple pics of my flowering clones. They are the first batch of clones that I've gotten to this point. I definitely have a calmag issue or lockout of some sort but they're frosting up decently. They're about 49 days into flower in 1 gallon pots.

And the 2 led's I'm using for flower